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Shin injury rules out Michael Chandler for potential Nate Diaz fight at UFC 277 on July 30

UFC 274: Oliveira v Gaethje Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Michael Chandler still wants to fight Nate Diaz, it just won’t be happening at UFC 277 in Dallas, Texas, on July 30, 2022. According to “Iron,” he suffered a shin injury during his fight against Tony Ferguson at UFC 274 (watch highlights here), which will prevent him from making a turnaround this summer.

“God did not create our bones to crack up against each other like we do. I threw two kicks in that fight – one on Tony’s inside right leg as he was a southpaw,” explained Chandler on The MMA Hour (via Sportskeeda).

“He switched stances and I hit him with a really hard low kick as well,” he continued. “So [my] shinbone is jacked up. [It] could have a fracture in there. [My] ankle has had some problems in the past. Obviously, the dislocated finger ... it was definitely a 100 percent dislocated after having Dr. [Jeffrey] Davidson look at it.”

While the scrappy Lightweight was quick to answer Diaz’s open invitation to a Welterweight fight, now that the adrenaline has died down this injury will keep him on the sidelines for a bit.

“Obviously, me committing to July right now is not possible. And even if I’m a 100 percent healthy, would I want to come back that quickly? We’ll see, you know.”

Dustin Poirier was another great suggestion for a fight against Chandler, but it seems that the former Bellator MMA champion isn’t too interested in what “The Diamond” has to offer. But, on the heels of Chandler’s recent revelation, maybe it’s time UFC matchmakers revisit Diaz vs. Poirier.

Just a thought!

For now, UFC 277 is set to feature an interim Flyweight title fight between former division king, Brandon Moreno, and top contender Kai Kara-France.

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