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BKFC 23 live stream results, play-by-play updates | Richman vs. Rickels

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BKFC 23 live stream results: We’ve got action, we’ve got punching ... and we don’t have gloves. It’s time, once again, for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) to return to our screens. Tonight (Fri., April 8, 2022), the organization is live from Wichita, Kan., and our card is headlined by former Bellator lightweights Mike “The Marine” Richman and David “Caveman” Rickels. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire BKFC 23 fight card below, starting with online “Prelims” undercard fights at 8 p.m. ET, followed by the main card broadcast at 9 p.m. ET (watch it here).

BKFC 23 Quick Results:

170 lbs.: Mike Richman vs. David Rickels — Richman def. Rickels via KO 0:32 Rd 2
185 lbs.: Isaac Doolittle vs. Jared Warren — Doolittle def. Warren via decision (48-46 x2, 47-47)
165 lbs.: Jake Lindsey vs. Derrick Findley — Lindsey def. Findley via TKO corner stoppage, 2:00 Rd 4
125 lbs.: Marciano Hernandez vs. Jerald Gregori — Hernandez def. Gregori via TKO, 0:41 Rd 1
125 lbs.: Jessica Link vs. Crystal Pittman — Link def. Pittman via decision (50-45x2, 49-47)
145 lbs.: LJ Hermreck vs. Stevo Morris — Morris def. Hermreck via KO :44 Rd 4
125 lbs.: Joshua Richey vs. Tyler Randle — Randle def. Richey via KO, 1:57 Rd 3
155 lbs.: Shawn Moffet vs. Antonio Soto III — Soto def. Moffet via KO, 1:20 Rd 2
125 lbs.: Chancey Wilson vs. Justyn Martinez — Wilson def. Martinez via TKO, 1:36 Rd 1
205 lbs.: Kenny Licea vs. Noah Cutter — Licea def. Cutter via KO, 0:30 Rd 2
155 lbs.: Edmund Trai Santos vs. Nick Villar — Majority Draw (48-46, 47-47 x2)


170 lbs.: Mike Richman vs. David Rickels

Round 1: Richman in gold, Rickels in red. This is a welterweight title eliminator. Richman enters with a jab. Rickels surges forward with a combo and manages to cut Richman under his right eye. Richman backs up Rickels, but “Caveman” fires off a pair of hooks. Richman firing and he gets a mirror cut under Rickels’ eye. They sit in the pocket and start firing. Richman with a big right hand and he drops Rickels! He’s up with seemingly little damage from that. They start firing again and Richman connects to the temple, sending Rickels down again! Rickels is cut badly. 10-7 Richman.

Round 2: Rickels gets in a left, but Richman moves to the side and lands a huge right hand behind the ear that sends Rickels crashing down. Rickels can’t answer the 10-count and this fight is all over.

Mike Richman defeats David Rickels via knockout at 0:32 of round 2

185 lbs.: Isaac Doolittle vs. Jared Warren

Round 1: This is an title eliminator, where the winner will get a shot at the belt. Warren in shiny gray, Doolittle in black. Both men circling, not throwing much halfway through the round. Warren’s flicked out a couple jabs, but I’m not sure they landed. There’s one I know that landed, because you could hear it. Doolittle blasts forward, but not punching, just to get into a clinch. Dull round, but Warren’s 10-9

Round 2: Doolittle lands a left for what I believe is his first connection of the fight. Eats a couple jabs. Uppercut from Warren. Doolittle throws overhands in combo and finally lands one. There’s a big left hand, and another for Doolittle that sends Warren to the canvas! They swing at the bell. 10-8 Doolittle.

Round 3: 1-3 from Warren. Doolittle powers into a clinch and punches a half dozen lefts to the body. Doolittle gets in an overhand right. Warren with a jab and a counter left a second later. Doolittle with a right. Warren with a left that whips Doolittle’s head around. Warren’s got a nosebleed from what looks to be a punch off the break. 10-9 Warren.

Round 4: Two of the three judges say Warren that round. Warren tries and just glances a counter uppercut as Doolittle ducks forward. Big right hand just misses for Doolittle. Right to the body for Warren. And a left, Doolittle gets a right. They clinch and Doolittle hits a left up top. Two lefts from Warren. Lefts from both men near the bell. 10-9 Warren in a very close round.

Round 5: Two judges have it for Doolittle headed into the final round. Right hand from Warren. Dolittle wings a pair of overhands. Warren with a jab. They clinch and throw uppercuts and hooks to the body. Both men landing. 20 seconds to go. Close round again. 10-9 Warren in another close round.

Isaac Doolittle defeats Jared Warren via majority decision (48-46 x2, 47-47)

165 lbs.: Jake Lindsey vs. Derrick Findley

Round 1: Lindsey in black and white (and he’s the white man), Findley in black and gold (and he’s a black man). Slow start. Brief clinch and Lindsey gets in some uppercuts. They both get into the pocket and Lindsey lands a solid right hand. Findley ducks in, gets a body shot in. 10-9 Lindsey.

Round 2: Findley with a body jab into a clinch. Lindsey with a nice jab, then a right hand after. Findley lands the 1 part of a 1-2. Lindsey doing a good job of keeping Findley on the end of his range. Right hands land for both man. Right hand at the bell for Findley, maybe after the bell. Closer round, I still lean 10-9 Lindsey.

Round 3: Two judges call it for Findley, however, so it’s 20-18, 19-19, 19-19 going into 3. Huge 1-2 from Lindsey, but Findley weathers it well. Couple jabs land for Lindsey. He stumbles for a second, but it looks like he was just off balance after a miss (or I didn’t see what hit him). Lindsey backs up Derrick into the ropes and lands four shots to the rib cage. 10-9 Lindsey.

Round 4: Lindsey pumping the jab and stifling Findley’s clinch. Findley surges forward with a jab. Nice 2-3-2 ending to the body from Lindsey. Findley misses with a left. Lindsey teeing off. Findley just not throwing anymore. He’s taking the punches, but literally, that’s all he’s doing. 10-8 Lindsey.

Round 5: We’ve got a corner stoppage before round 5!

Jake Lindsey defeats Derrick Findley via TKO corner stoppage.

125 lbs.: Marciano Hernandez vs. Jerald Gregori

Round 1: Hernandez in silver and black, Gregori in black with red trim. Gregori eats the first punch with a solid left hand. Big body-head combo and down goes Gregori already! Gregori seems mad about it, but he’s stumbling. They’re back and Hernandez with a double jab that sits down Gregori again! He’s up, but wincing and not looking good. The ref stops the fight! We’re done just like that.

Marciano Hernandez defeats Jerald Gregori via TKO at 0:41 of round 1

125 lbs.: Jessica Link vs. Crystal Pittman

Round 1: Link in cheetah print and black bra, Pittman in black with gold and red and.... a partially see-through bra top. OK, that’s a choice. Link bullies Pittman back to the ropes. Link with a counter left. Pittman is the aggressive one now, punches into another clinch. 1-2-1 from Link. Pittman ducks and throws an overhand that connects. 10-9 Link in a very close round that could go either way.

Round 2: Judges go 2-1 Link. Link just misses on a counter right. Pittman circling, but eats a left hand. Right hand lands from Link and she’s swarming now. Clinch and a break. Pittman with a couple feints, Link ignores them and powers forward. Clinch and a break again. Right hands from both women. Link with a left and Pittman with a right to end the round. 10-9 Link.

Round 3: Straight right from Pittman. Both women hit a right hand. Pittman starting to get a mouse under her eye. Right hand from Pittman into a clinch. Link gets a good clinch position and fires about four uppercuts, all of which look to land. Pittman connects with a left. 10-9 Link

Round 4: Link moving forward behind her jab. Pittman gets a counter left. Left hand to the liver lands for Link and that looks like that stunned Pittman momentarily. Clinch and a rest. 40 seconds left in the round. Pittman misses a 1-2. Link left-right-left-rights away. Not all connecting, but Pittman is the one shelling up. 10-9 Link

Round 5: Pittman aggressive now, knowing she needs a knockout. Gets in a couple lefts. Pittman can’t get past Link’s jab. Pittman has the habit of stopping her combos and leaving her head up, which is when Link surges back. Pittman just cannot find the range for her winging right hands. 10-9 Link

Jessica Link defeats Crystal Pittman via unanimous decision (50-45 x2, 49-46)

145 lbs.: LJ Hermreck vs. Stevo Morris

Round 1: Hermreck in black, Morris in black and red. Hermreck comes out like a house on fire and is throwing rapid fire. Lefts from both men, both hands from Hermreck. Right hand lands clean for him. There’s a knockdown, no - it’s ruled a slip and that looks correct. Overhand right from Morris connects. Both men have cuts around their eyes. 10-9 Hermreck in a close round.

Round 2: As we have open scoring in Kansas, we see that two judges agree with me on that scorecard. Morris is the one who comes out hard this round. He’s landing good. Hermreck bleeding out of his nose. Morris landing a lot here, but Hermreck wearing it about as good as one could hope. Morris with a counter and a follow up sends Hermreck to the canvas. Hermreck with a left, and he’s doing a rock ‘em sock ‘em imitation to end the round. 10-8 Morris.

Round 3: Hermreck backs up Morris to the ropes and lands a left. Morris with a pair of overhand rights, but they fall short. They clinch and get to work as they’re both active. Morris with a big right hand and down goes Hermreck again. Right hands from both men. 10-8 Morris.

Round 4: Morris opens with a jab. Hermreck advancing, lands a right. Jabs from both men and now Morris advances. Weird knockdown, as it looks like Morris just pushed him down, but it’s a knockdown nonetheless. Hermreck looks worn out. His eye is a mess, but he stands up and tries to continue. They re-engage and Hermreck is immediately sat on his butt again and the ref waives it off. You see on the replays that the first knockdown was a clinch uppercut that I couldn’t see from the camera angle.

Stevo Morris defeats LJ Hermreck via knockout at 0:44 of Round 4

125 lbs.: Joshua Richey vs. Tyler Randle

Round 1: Randle in white, another hometown fighter, Richey in blue. Richey pistoning his jab, no matter how far away he is from Randle . Both men miss on their hooks. They clinch, punch and break. Randle with a jab. Check hook from Randle . Richey gets in a right. Randle with an overhand that wobbles Richey. He’s stalking Josh now. 10-9 Randle.

Round 2: Randle hits a solid right hand and then drops Richey 30 seconds into the round with a stiff jab. Randle just missed a wild overhand. Another heavy jab does land. 10-8 Randle.

Round 3: Dirty boxing in the clinch. The ref breaks ‘em up and they get right back into it. Left hand from Randle connects. Richey not landing much outside the dirty boxing exchanges. Big right hand followed by a right uppercut has Richey face planted through the ropes in the last seconds of the round. The ref gives him the chance to stand up, but that’s all she wrote.

Tyler Randle defeats Joshua Richey via knockout at 1:57 of round 3

155 lbs.: Shawn Moffet vs. Antonio Soto III

Round 1: Soto in black fighting out of Brooklyn, while hometown boy Moffet in white. Dirty boxing from Moffet in the clinch. Left hand stuns Moffet for a brief second, then a big overhand right drops him a few seconds later. Soto has opened a cut with that left. He lands another solid left hand on Shawn. Moffet wraps an arm around the neck and throws a pair of uppercuts. 10-8 Soto

Round 2: They touch knucks to start again, and about three seconds in, Soto wallops him with a straight left that plants Moffet. Overhand right. Another left knocks down Moffet, and he’s looking rough. He makes it. Right and a jab from Soto. There’s a left that slumps Moffet who stops the fight without even counting.

Antonio Soto III defeats Shawn Moffet via knockout at 1:20 of round 2

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