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Marlon Vera brutalizes Rob Font in decisive decision win | UFC Vegas 53

UFC Fight Night: Font v Vera Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Bantamweight sluggers Marlon Vera and Rob Font went to war tonight (Sat., April 30, 2022) in the main event of UFC Vegas 53 inside UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. A Top Five spot was up for grabs! Vera was attempting to climb a few more pivotal rungs up the ladder, and he was riding a solid wave of momentum into his first-ever main event slot. Font, meanwhile, was trying to defend his position and return to the win column. Furthermore, Font had to separate himself a bit from his disastrous scale fail on Friday, which muddied the waters a bit.

Though there were lots of competitive exchanges, Vera really battered Font by the end of 25 minutes. Follow along below for live updates and highlight clips:

Round One

Vera opens the fight with a half land to the calf, but Font answers with a right hand quickly. Clean 1-2 from Font, and Vera fires back with a kick to the body. Font’s found his range early, and he’s stringing together combinations nicely just 90 seconds into the fight. Font rips a series of uppercuts as Vera tries to clinch. “Chito” sticks a front kick to the jaw, but Font eats it without issue and fires back immediately. Font is also touching the body well. Vera is having a tough time kicking from his back foot, and Font is really chasing the uppercut. Sharp work through the first five minutes from Font. 10-9 Font

Round Two

Font lands a huge combination to start the second. Font catches a kick and counters with a brutal elbow. Vera answers with a spin kick. Font is backing his foe down, and it’s really keeping him in control of the exchanges. Vera lands a 1-2, but Font responds with a solid combination. Stiff jab from Vera, who’s starting to hold his ground a bit more. Big knee connects for Font. Vera rips a body kick to the liver. Font cracks him with a 1-2 then a clean 1-2-3. Font flurries and connects. Vera loads up on a left hook and stumbles Font! Font dives on a takedown attempt and winds up on his back, eating hard shots. Vera drops a couple big elbows, but he runs out of a time to chase the finish. 10-9 Vera

Round Three

Font opens the round with a takedown attempt, and he moves to take the back standing. Vera reverses position in the clinch, but the two break apart soon afterward. Heavy left kick from Vera. Font’s hands are active, and he’s still pressuring. Font scores some clean power kicks. Good uppercut from Font, but Vera answers with a stinging jab. Font is starting to target the calf himself. Font is landing jabs in bunches. Vera finds the clinch briefly and lands some good shots. These two are trading, but it’s Font that’s putting together more combinations. Still, when Vera lands, it seems to sting Font worse. Clean check hook scores for Vera, and he follows it with a huge knee that drops Font! Vera takes top position and starts dropping hellacious elbows. The round ends, but can Font stand? He does. 10-9 Vera

Round Four

Vera is aggressive early, firing a 3-2 then another step knee. Font looks a bit weary after the last knockdown, but he’s throwing numbers nevertheless. Lots of these punches are bouncing off Vera’s elbows, however. Font rips a clean cross. Vera opens Font up further with a clinch elbow. Vera lands another good check hook. Side kick from Vera STRAIGHT TO THE CHIN! Font hits the floor! Vera stands above his opponent and rips low kicks. The referee stands them back up after a lull. Spinning kick partially lands for Vera. Font’s face is destroyed by the end of the round. 10-9 Vera

Round Five

Font has a definite sense of urgency to start the final round, and he lands an elbow. Vera lands a pair of counter punches as Font pushes forward. Font lands a nice combination, then another right hand. Check hook from Vera, then a left kick rip. Another front kick to the jaw from Vera. Vera is doing good work from his back foot in this round. Nice knee from Font punctuates a combo. Double jab from Vera. Good left hand from Vera gets his opponent’s attention. Clean uppercut from Font prompts some showmanship from “Chito.” Font doubles up on the right, low-high. Another funky kick from Vera connects to the chin, and Font is stunned once more. Font backs off, and Vera raises his hand as the bout comes to a close. 10-9 Vera

Result: Marlon Vera defeats Rob Font via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 49-46)

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