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Video: Paddy ‘The Fatty’ Pimblett proudly passes 200 pound mark after 10k calorie binge

Watch as UFC’s hottest Lightweight up-and-comer eats his way up to Light Heavyweight in his latest new video.

Leading up to his fights and in the cage he’s Paddy “The Baddy.” After, Paddy Pimblett becomes Paddy “The Fatty.”

Don’t think we’re being mean here ... Paddy’s “Fatty” nickname is self-delivered after years of post-fight binge sessions. His latest video blog is entitled, “Paddy The Fatty Is BACK!” and kicks off with the Englishman saying he’s getting, “fat fat fat fat fat.” He then goes on to detail his 10,600 calorie eating spree from the the night before.

“We went to Cafe No. 9, the Laffey wrap comes with salt and pepper chicken, bacon, cheese, wrapped, with spicy mayo,” Pimblett proudly said. “And that comes with its own chips, them chips got their own mayo. And we ordered salt and pepper chicken loaded fries, cheesy chips with salt and pepper chicken on them. I also ordered some halloumi fries, ate all of them, and finished their pasta off.

“Got home, had a 240 gram pack of chocolate buttons, that’s like 11,000 calories,” he continued. “Then I had two Wispa Golds, a can of coke, then we went at Nando’s. We had the hummus between us, I had 10 BBQ wings to me self, a garlic bread, a rice, a chips, and half a chicken. I got home and had two of those daisy donuts, Joe’s made me loads of red velvet cookies, I had two of them. And, obviously, I had drinks.

“I’m just enjoying getting fat for now,” Pimblett said later in the video, stuffing an ice cream into his gob. “Just enjoying me food. Eating a bit too much, if I’m being honest. Gonna calm down a bit today.”

A plate of chocolate covered pancakes later and Pimblett stepped onto the scale at his gym weighing 202 pounds.

Pimblett has been blowing up between fight camps for years now, but at this level of competition you have to wonder whether it’s wise to continue being so abusive to your own body. While we can certainly understand Paddy’s desire to cut loose after a fight and not be a “miserable skinny bastard,” this is binge eating behavior. Hell, this is borderline Mukbang behavior.

As entertaining as it is, it’s certainly not productive having to spend weeks getting back into shape before every fight.

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