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Conor McGregor shares security footage of Black Forge Inn fire bombing, offers $50k reward in since-deleted post

Conor McGregor wants justice.

And since local law enforcement has yet to come up with a suspect or make any arrests in last January’s fire bomb attack on the Black Forge Inn — owned and operated by the “Notorious” ex-champion — McGregor is taking matters into his own hands.

With a little help from his neatly-pressed “yum yums.”

“Hey guys! I have a $50k reward cash in all 100 crisp untouched notes,” McGregor wrote on Instagram. “Not a wrinkle on them. The no wrinkle green backs. I call them yum-yums. For whoever tells us who this little deli-chicken head is. The walk, run, and scrawny build all very distinctive. Nothing will be said, but done. Reach out to who can reach me. Look forward to doing business.”

McGregor posted footage from the Black Forge security cameras featuring a shadowy figure on the night of the attack. Unfortunately for web sleuths looking for some quick cash, the original Instagram post and corresponding video footage has since been deleted.

Perhaps a deal was struck?

“Wow that was quick,” McGregor wrote in a follow-up post, which has also been deleted. “Thank you so much Good Samaritan.”

Nobody was hurt and no property was damaged in the attack.

McGregor (22-6) is currently recovering from a broken leg suffered in his UFC 264 loss to lightweight rival Dustin Poirier and is not expected to make his Octagon return until some point later this year, pending medical clearance (early fall is the latest rumor).

Until then, expect more “look at me” photos (like these) teasing his late 2022 return.

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