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Angry Nate Diaz doesn’t want you to buy ‘bullsh*t’ NFT packs from ‘sorry ass UFC’

UFC Strike is peddling NFT packs called “The 209” that are supposed to honor the MMA legacies of Nick and Nate Diaz. In fact, the first wave of limited edition tokens dropped earlier today, priced at $40 apiece, with a percentage going to the Stockton brothers.

Why today? Because April 20 (stylized as 4/20) is a day of celebration for the cannabis community and both Nick and Nate have long been supporters of the green stuff — often at their own expense. It’s basically a cheap (but effective) marketing ploy by UFC Strike.

That’s probably why Nate took aim at the promotion for using his name and likeness to turn a profit after previously “tripping” over his vape pen. In addition, it wasn’t that long ago when pre-existing pot regulations nearly brought an end to Nick’s career.

“It’s shit like this why I need to get the fuck out of the sorry ass UFC,” Diaz wrote on Twitter. “Didn’t you guys suspend Nick for five years and fine me hella money for a vape pen? Now you’re reaping the benefits. I hope nobody buys this bullshit.”

Unfortunately for Diaz, all 2500 units were sold in roughly 10 minutes.

Nick was originally slapped with a five-year suspension for marijuana but the sentence was later amended by Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) as laws on cannabis softened. Nate also had his share of problems over the years, forcing USADA to make recent policy changes more in line with today’s relaxed standards.

Neither Diaz brother is currently scheduled to compete and when you consider this latest grievance — on top of the normal chaos involved with every Diaz booking — we may not see them for the rest of 2022, unless this long-awaited bout somehow comes together.

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