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Midnight Mania! Video: Behind-the-scenes of Khamzat’s brutal UFC 273 weight cut

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Khamzat Chimaev has competed at both Middleweight and Welterweight inside the Octagon. Though he’s undefeated in both divisions, his best wins have come at 170 lbs., where Chimaev’s combination of size and strength especially noticeable. Against Gilbert Burns at UFC 273, for instance, Chimaev’s ability to bully his opponent and pressure him into the fence with combinations can be partially credited to his size and reach advantage.

Those gifts come at a cost, however. In the above video, much of the footage is focused on Chimaev’s extensive weight cut process. The Chechen fighter can be seen pouring sweat on the treadmill, shedding weight by running through grappling drills, and sizzling his organs in a hot salt bath to extract every possible drop of moisture.

Meanwhile, “Borz” is also attending media obligations. It’s not easy being a star fighter! His backstage interaction with Burns is also on display.

After the the back-and-forth war (HIGHLIGHTS), Chimaev expressed a bit of disappointment in his performance. Considering his victory at UFC 273 was easily the best win of his career, that’s a promising sign of future improvement.

“I feel sorry for my coaches,” Chimaev said in the locker room (via Yahoo Sports). “They work hard with me. I made many mistakes, Go back and watch my fight, like I always do. I will work hard, more energy. I need to be, everywhere, black belt — striking, ground-and-pound, wrestling, grappling, whatever, everything. I will fix everything now. One way I’m happy and one way I’m mad. I’m mad because I couldn’t finish the guy.”

Six Weeks Of Self-Promotion

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I hugely appreciate the MMAMania community support (financial or otherwise) for both my writing and fighting careers. Thank you!


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Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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