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WrestleMania 38 highlights: Ronda Rousey taps out Charlotte Flair, still loses

Wrestling: WWE-Royal Rumble Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey returned to the WWE ring earlier tonight (Sat., April 2, 2022) at WrestleMania 38 live on NBC’s Peacock from inside AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, as “Rowdy” took on Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown women’s title.

Rousey went for a few submission attempts early, but Flair was too powerful and simply more polished with her technique. The action spilled outside the ring a few times as Flair started to wear “Rowdy” down. Once the two women returned to the ring Rousey countered with a big knee that planted Flair on the canvas. She then followed up with a big-time tornado DDT off the top rope.

Flair regained momentum with a huge spear that badly hurt Rousey. The SmackDown queen eventually tangled Rousey upside down in the corner buckle and went to work with multiple attacks. Rousey was able to reverse and slam Flair off the ropes. Of course, Flair regrouped to put Rousey down with a long front kick. Rousey was able to turn the tide moments later to lock up an ankle lock in the middle of the ring, but Flair got free. A few minutes later Flair sunk in a tight figure-eight submission lock that nearly forced Rousey to tap. “Rowdy” was able to squirm free and keep the match going.

Rousey eventually locked up her patented armbar and made Flair tap multiple times, but the referee was knocked unconscious and couldn’t make the count. Flair then sneakily launched a front kick that smacked Rousey in the face and allowed the SmackDown champion to pin “Rowdy” and retain her title.

Check out the video highlights below:

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