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‘F—king irate’ Jorge Masvidal ready to go ‘Super Saiyan’ after Colby Covington loss

Jorge Masvidal has been relatively quiet since his defeat to Colby Covington at UFC 272 last month (watch highlights) in Jacksonville, Florida.

“Gamebred” is currently dealing with his alleged assault case on Covington, therefore, he is keeping his silence about that. The loss itself, however, Masvidal’s disappointment can’t be understated.

“I was f—king irate,” Masvidal told the IMPAULSIVE podcast (h/t MMA Fighting). “I was upset, and I just like to be in isolation when I get like that. It’s better for me. Take a couple days to figure it out and if I have a problem and I can’t figure it out, f—k, then it’s a real problem. I could fail at something, but if I could find a way to fix it, then I can go back and address it again, then I can sleep with peace at night. So that’s what I did — five, six days in that nowhere land, like, ‘F—k,’ and then I came up with a plan, and now I’m gonna execute that plan.”

In the unanimous decision loss, Masvidal struggled majorly with Covington’s persistently dominant wrestling game. For the American Top Team (ATT)-trained product, Masvidal has lost multiple bouts against strong grapplers. Going forward, he plans on fixing that hole in his game before returning to action.

Specifically, Masvidal notes he has some friends at Penn State University who he intends to go and spend some time with to hone his craft.

“I’m gonna go spend some time in Pennsylvania, wrestle in the morning, wrestle at night, wrestle in the morning, wrestle at night, and stay doing that, because I don’t feel like I have to work on my boxing — not to be cocky — or my kicking,” Masvidal said. “It’s there any time. I’ve just got to sharpen it up before fights. So one of my main plans right now is go wrestle day and night and see what comes out of it.

“I’m not even thinking that far yet,” he concluded. “I’m just gonna go sharpen these tools. Just wrestle, wrestle and f—k see what comes out of it. And once I feel I’ve improved, I’ve leveled up, I’ve f—king hit a Super Saiyan on everybody, we’ll find out who I’m gonna f—king murder.”

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