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Jared Cannonier planning hometown decapitation of ‘easy’ Israel Adesanya

UFC 271: Jared Cannonier v Derek Brunson Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Jared Cannonier seemingly sealed his first Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title shot the same night as his division’s title was contested.

Going into Cannonier’s UFC 271 match up with Derek Brunson, Brunson was riding high after five straight wins that coincided with him dying his hair to become “Blonde Brunson.” Cannonier predicted he’d change “Blonde Brunson” into “Blood Brunson” and he did just that, smashing the top-ranked Middleweight contender with elbows in the second round (watch highlights).

Later on in the night, the champion, Israel Adesanya defended his title successfully in a hard-fought rematch with Robert Whittaker (watch highlights). Therefore setting up the likely next Middleweight title fight in the process.

“I certainly did, I certainly did [live up to my last prediction],” Cannonier told The Schmo. “I’ve actually already come up with a new prediction for this one. We’re gonna turn ‘Izzy’ Adesanya into ‘Easy.’ It’s gonna be ‘Easy’ Adesanya.

“I’ve heard through the grapevine that it’s going down. I am next. Izzy is also a man of his word. From what I’ve seen, he also has the ability to choose his fights, and he has chosen me as if I’m some sort of Pokemon or something (laughs). Hey man, whatever it takes for me to get in there and get my shot at the title. I’ll put on that little Pikachu costume and go in there and shock the world.”

The current speculation for when the title bout could take place is during the summer at UFC 277 in July. Cannonier believes that would line up beautifully for his timeline and from what he’s heard, there’s a chance the event could take place in his hometown of Dallas, Texas.

“That’s the perfect timing for me,” Cannonier said. “Knowing that I already had a fight after my last fight, you’re in shape from the last camp. Already have something to focus on, getting in the gym is easy as it always is because I love coming here. When you come in here [at The MMA Lab] and really focus on something, it’s like having a head start in a race.

“I’m sure Izzy gets a kick out of the prospect of whooping me in my hometown, but I also get the prospect of whooping him in front of my tribe, if you will,” he concluded. “Picking his decapitated head up and showing it to the fans out there in the crowd.”

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