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Robbery? Scorecard reveals deciding round in Aljamain Sterling vs. Petr Yan 2 at UFC 273

Safe to say, Petr Yan is unhappy with the judges’ scorecards after UFC 273.

After 25 back-and-forth minutes versus Aljamain Sterling, “Funkmaster” was awarded the victory, thus officially moving to 2-0 in their rivalry. However, in difference circumstances from the first fight, there was still controversy.

First, let’s talk about the rounds that were obvious. In the second and third frame, Sterling was able to snatch up a single leg and convince Yan to turn his back. The instant that happened, Sterling did his best backpack impression, taking Yan’s back and hunting for the choke.

Sterling clearly won rounds two and three, and there was an argument for a 10-8 in the second especially.

All that grappling seemed to sap Sterling’s tank, however. Yan came on strong in the championship rounds, shutting Sterling’s takedowns down and gaining top position. However, Yan never managed to land anything truly devastating — in part because grounded knees are still illegal! — and thus there wasn’t enough damage to earn the Russian any 10-8 scorecard.

This is where things get blurry. The first round was far and away the most competitive of the fight, and the scorecards reflect that fact. Two of the three judges awarded the opening frame to Sterling, naming him the victor in the process.

As for the round itself, both men have an argument. Sterling threw a ton of volume, putting together good combinations and targeting the body well. At the same time, Yan consistently pressured his opponent, and when he did land, Sterling seemed more affected by the punches.

Ultimately, it comes down to preference like many other decisions. Perhaps open scoring would have changed things?

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