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April Fools! Watch UFC jump scare fighters with Crypto mannequin (Video)

Kim Cattrall did it better.

April Fools’ Day is pretty much the worst day to be on the Internet because everybody has jokes and most of them suck (including mine). But that won’t stop corporations like UFC from using a ha-ha moment to dazzle its followers on social media, courtesy of a Crypto mannequin who comes to life and shouts things like “CODY!” and “FORREST!”

By now most of us have seen the tried-and-true jump scare videos. My personal favorite is the evil snowman who still manages to catch people off guard after a decade of sidewalk frights. There’s also that sick bastard who dresses his dog in a spider costume and turns him loose at night to terrorize the city, but that’s not really a jump scare it’s just plain evil.

Actually, the most interesting thing to happen on April Fools’ Day was back in 2018, when Tony Ferguson got injured and UFC booked Max Holloway vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title — but nobody would believe it because it was April 1. Turned out that was only half the story ... sigh, good times.

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