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Brock Lesnar shuts down UFC return talk: ‘I’m too old’

There is no more Brock Lesnar, UFC fighter. There is only Brock Lesnar, WWE Superstar.

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Brock Lesnar isn’t planning a return to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

That’s something he’s made quite clear several times over the years since his last fight at UFC 200 in 2016, a decision win over Mark Hunt (that was later turned into a No Contest after Lesnar tested positive for the PED clomiphene). But, just in case you were wondering whether he was wavering in his decision to stay retired from mixed martial arts (MMA), he re-affirmed his position in a recent New York Post interview.

“That door is closed,” Lesnar said. “You know what, Dana White, the Fertitta brothers were exceptional to me ... I’m too old. That’s a young man’s sport, and that door is closed. I’m Brock Lesnar, the WWE superstar.”

The 44-year-old Lesnar sat down with the publication on the eve of a Madison Square Garden house show, one of the rare non-marquee WWE events he does these days. While his super secret match ended up being a squash of Austin Theory, the aftermath included a run in with Roman Reigns, who will likely be Lesnar’s WrestleMania dance partner now that Bobby Lashley is out with a serious injury.

“I’ve developed a relationship with Vince about it, and I like New York, and I like coming to the city, and I like coming down and putting some ass whoopings down,” Lesnar said. “I enjoy it. I like to come and eat a good steak in the city, and the Garden has a sentimental effect on me, too.

“I want to put on a performance,” he continued. “I want to get in front of these New York fans and put on a good event. We’ve had a shitty couple years, and I think everyone has. … It’s exciting for me to come back to the city, be and the Garden. Hopefully, we can get back to some normalcies in life.”

Lesnar may consider himself too old to keep fighting for real, but there seems to be no limit on how long he’ll stick with WWE.

“As long as I’m looked after and my health is good and I’m enjoying myself,” Lesnar said, “I’d probably continue.”

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