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Jon Jones fires back at ‘biggest critic’ Chael Sonnen after recent details surrounding alleged hotel assault

The back-and-forth between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen will seemingly never end.

New details emerged yesterday (Sun., March 27, 2022) regarding Sonnen’s recent alleged assault in a Las Vegas, Nevada, hotel hallway. Several patrons as well as Four Seasons hotel staff members allegedly fell victim to Sonnen during the night of Dec. 18, 2021.

No stranger with Sonnen, or the law, Jones offered up his immediate thoughts on Twitter, which he has since deleted (shocker!).

“Dan Hooker, Brendan Schaub, is this what you guys are jumping down my throat about?” Jones asked in response to the Sonnen news.

“Man everyone and their mom covered my story when I was an asshole in Las Vegas, Sonnen allegedly attacks his wife, another woman along with like five men and crickets.”

Jones’ most recent legal troubles came following his induction into the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall of Fame when he was arrested after an alleged domestic violence incident involving his ex-fiance, Jesse Moses.

Today (March 28, 2022), Jones responded to a Ted Talk clip tweeted at him, alluding to Sonnen that saw the speaker say, “I have absolutely nothing to say whatsoever. And yet, through my manner of speaking, I will make it seem like I do. Like, what I am saying is brilliant and maybe, just maybe, you will feel like you’ve learned something.”

Jones responded: “This couldn’t be more accurate. imagine having someone at your job who couldn’t hold your jockstrap being your biggest critic. S—t was annoying lol.

“It’s interesting how sometimes the people who are praying for your downfall and wishing bad on you end up receiving everything they wished on you.”

Sonnen is set to appear in court on Wednesday (March 30, 2022).

Meanwhile, Hooker — who Jones also had a slight response for — wasted no time stabbing back at “Bones.”

“Explain how this makes you any less of a piece of s—t,” Hooker quote tweeted Jones.

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