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‘I’m shocked’ — Supreme Court backs UFC boss Dana White in sex tape extortion scandal

UFC President Dana White was allegedly caught on video having sex with a Las Vegas stripper while on location in Brazil back in 2015, leading the boyfriend of said stripper, Ernesto Joshua Ramos, to use the footage to try to extort White for $200,000.

The deal? White pays Ramos and the video never sees the light of day.

Unfortunately for Ramos, White contacted law enforcement and set up the exchange, which led to Ramos getting arrested and spending a year in prison. The story doesn’t end there, however, as Ramos later claimed he made a financial agreement with White to keep quiet about the closed case for a fee of $450,000.

White didn’t pay and Ramos took him to court.

Attorneys for White acknowledged the discussion of a potential non-disclosure agreement, but also insisted the deal was D.O.A. after the “Sin City” fight boss opted to keep his money and let the chips fall where they may. A Nevada judge agreed and the civil suit filed by Ramos was promptly tossed.

Ramos, who must really need the money, then filed an appeal with Nevada Supreme Court.

That failed, too.

“Ramos fails to identify anything specifically that the district court inappropriately relied on in making its determination,” the justices wrote last week (via Las Vegas Review-Journal).

Attorney Ian Christopherson, who represents Ramos, was “shocked” by the decision.

Christopherson also suggested the case was not dead and buried just yet, but with each subsequent dismissal, the chances of Ramos getting paid become increasingly slim. White, represented by attorney Don Campbell, has refused to comment.

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