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Three stooges? Idiot burglars tried to rob MMA legend, got their asses kicked instead

“No Mercy” joins UFC fighters Derrick Lewis and Kevin Holland, among others, in the MMA crime-fighting club.

One Fighting Championship Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Melvin Manhoef has 70 career wins split between MMA and kickboxing, with 56 of those victories ending by way of knockout. Probably not the guy you want to be stealing from, which is a lesson three dopey burglars learned when “No Mercy” beat their asses and kept them at bay until police arrived.

“I pulled them out of the car and put them on their knees,” Manhoef told Vechtsport Info. “I waited for the police to come to arrest them.”

Here’s a photo Manhoef uploaded to Instagram:

The bandits are accused of casing Manhoef’s home in Landsmeer, Netherlands, while “No Mercy” was busy making a Bellator MMA appearance in Paris, France. When they eventually circled back to complete the job, the 45 year-old striker had already returned home.


Manhoef was able to chase them down and run their vehicle off the road, then punch his way through the car window and extract the would-be thieves. “No Mercy” suffered a hand injury in the process, which may or may not affect his upcoming fight against Yoel Romero at the Bellator MMA event on May 6 in Paris.

We’re likely to find out over the next few days.

“I live a few hundred meters away and the debris is in my garden,” a local resident told Noordhollands Dagblad (via De Telegraaf). “There were three cars driving by here at a very fast rate, I think they were going at a hundred miles an hour. A car eventually ran off the road. The guys who then got out were so aggressive that I just kept a safe distance.”

It is not yet known what charges have been filed and the identities of the suspects have not been released.

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