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Chael Sonnen gives simple update on Colby Covington’s well-being: ‘Not good’

Colby Covington is not doing well after being attacked by Jorge Masvidal at a restaurant in Miami, Fla., earlier this week.

This is according to mixed martial arts (MMA) analyst Chael Sonnen, who knows Covington quite well and has a pretty good relationship with the UFC welterweight contender. Sonnen didn’t go into too much detail, but he did post the following video update on Friday via Twitter:

“Not good. Guys keep asking me how is Colby (Covington) doing. I’m gonna be very light on details; this is not my story to tell. You want an answer? There’s your answer – Not good.”

Remember, Covington and Masvidal met in a massive grudge match at UFC 272 earlier this month (highlights HERE). It was a main event match up years in the making as the two welterweights went from best friends to No. 1 enemies. Insults were exchanged at every turn and Covington’s verbal attacks became quite personal to Masvidal when he started to mention his kids.

After their meeting inside of the Octagon, Masvidal was able to track down Covington at a Miami restaurant earlier this week, snuck up on “Chaos,” and sucker punched him twice in the face. Covington suffered a broken tooth and damage to his $90,000 Rolex watch. As a result, Covington pressed charges and “Gamebred” was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with bodily harm and criminal mischief, both of which are classified as felonies in the “Sunshine State.”

Needless to say, the last week has been a difficult one for Covington. While his relationship with Masvidal was already ended things became more real for “Chaos” when Masvidal plotted his attack on a random Monday night. Add in the backlash that Covington has received from the MMA community for pressing charges on his former friend and it’s easy to see how the welterweight contender isn’t doing well.

As a fighter who always seems to have a comment for everything, Covington hasn’t made any public statement since Masvidal’s attack. That should tell you something.

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