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ONE X results, live streaming fight coverage

UFC 227: Johnson v Cejudo 2 Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

ONE Championship returns to the online airwaves this morning (Sat., Mar. 26, 2022), showcasing both its young talent and some of its most seasoned veterans. will have LIVE coverage of this morning’s pay-per-view (PPV_ main card, which kicks off at 8 a.m. ET on ONE Championship’s website.

The main event sees women’s Atomweight champ Angela Lee return to action for the first time in more than two years to face fellow wunderkind, Stamp Fairtex, who was last seen winning ONE’s tournament with an armbar finish of Ritu Phogat. In the co-feature, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) legend Demetrious Johnson faces the “Muay Tank,” Rodtang Jitmuangnon, in a five-round mixed rules bout.

The line up also features Adriano Moraes defending his Flyweight title against Yuya Wakamatsu, the great Shinya Aoki and Yoshihiro Akiyama battling it out in a Welterweight grudge match, Eduard Folayang squaring off with kickboxing great John Wayne Parr in Muay Thai, and Lightweight kickboxing champ Superbon Banchamek duking it out with Marat Grigorian.

ONE X Quick Results:

Angela Lee vs. Stamp Fairtex — Lee def. Stamp by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:50 of Round Two
Demetrious Johnson vs. Rodtang Jitmuangnon (mixed rules) — Johnson def. Rodtang by technical submission (rear naked choked) at 2:13 of Round Two (WATCH HIGHLIGHTS)
Adriano Moraes vs. Yuya Wakamatsu — Moraes def. Wakamatsu by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:58 of Round Three
Shinya Aoki vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama — Akiyama def. Aoki by TKO (knee and punches) at 1:50 of Round Two (WATCH HIGHLIGHTS)
Eduard Folayang vs. John Wayne Parr (Muay Thai) — Folayang def. Parr by unanimous decision
Superbon Banchamek vs. Marat Grigorian (kickboxing) — Superbon def. Grigorian by unanimous decision

ONE X Round-by-Round Updates:

ONE Atomweight Championship: Angela Lee vs. Stamp Fairtex

Round one: Lee marches in and they slug until she puts Stamp on the fence. Stamp avoids the head-and-arm throw and fires knees before reversing. Elbow on the break. One minute in. Hard right hand from Lee on the counter and she puts her on the fence again. Another failed head-and-arm throw, knees from Stamp in return and they separate. Stamp hurts her with a body shot and chases her across the cage, teeing off two minutes in. Lee with a desperation shot, manages to lock her hands. Two minutes to go.

Short body shots from Lee. Looking for a trip, latches onto Stamp’s back when the latter tries to defend with a whizzer. Full body triangle. One minute to go. Lee still hunting the choke, trying to pin Stamp’s right arm with her leg. Softening her up with punches. Still Stamp’s round on the near-finish I think.

Round two: Lee blitzes with punches and tanks a knee to tie up on the fence. Body lock takedown puts her on top in side control. Nice grounded knees. Rear crucifix, gets swept, locks up a triangle after initially threatening a kimura a minute in. Stamp manages to slip out, but Lee locks it back up and switches to an armbar. Stamp avoids that too but Lee’s still looking to take the back again. One hook in with two minutes to go.

Potential twister setup from Lee. Stamp’s arm is in the way and Lee retakes side control. Solid right hands with a minute to go. Slick move into mount. Stamp gives up her back and Lee flattens her out. She wraps up the RNC in the waning seconds and there’s the tap.

Final result: Lee def. Stamp by submission (rear naked choke)

Flyweight Mixed Rules:: Demetrious Johnson vs. Rodtang Jitmuangnon

Round one: Muay Thai rules. Rodtang on the attack, lands punches and eats knees inside. Continuing to march forward. Big overhand right by Johnson, who eats an elbow. Johnson body kick. Rodtang rips the body and they trade head kick attempts. Rodtang low kick and uppercut. Elbow and knee inside. Johnson with a knee inside. Teep, head kick attempt. Halfway through

Big punches by Johnson, who takes an elbow in return. Trading in the clinch. Ref separates them. Hard body-head combo from Rodtang. Elbow from Johnson, takes knees inside. Rodtang tanks a 3-2. Johnson body kick, Rodtang low kick. Honestly, Johnson did pretty damn well for himself. 10-9 Rodtang but it was close.

Round two: MMA rules for this round. Johnson pushing forward, walks into a left hand as Rodtang fires leg kicks. Johnson ducks a left hook and immediately latches onto his back. One hook in. Halfway through the round.

Rodtang fighting the hands but Johnson’s got it locked up on the chin. He breaks the grip once, but Johnson gets it deeper and puts the “Muay Tank” to sleep.

Final result: Johnson def. Rodtang by technical submission (rear naked choke)

ONE Flyweight Championship: Adriano Moraes vs. Yuya Wakamatsu

Round one: Moraes circling as Wakamatsu takes the center. Neither man committing to anything. Low kick from Wakamatsu a minute in. Moraes looks for head kicks. Jab lands for Wakamatsu. Moraes with some leg kicks. Two minutes in. Ref pauses to warn them for inactivity. They tie up and trade knees downstairs. Moraes low kick, Wakamatsu counters to the body. Two minutes to go.

Ref warns them again for refusing to commit. Well-timed takedown for Moraes with a minute to go. He takes half guard, nearly gets swept, and it’s Wakamatsu with the rear waist lock as they stand. Knees to the thigh. He tries an elbow. Knee downstairs. Moraes very slightly ahead.

Round two: Trading low kicks. Wakamatsu steps into the clinch and a scramble ensues. Moraes tries a flying knee a minute in. Counter right from Wakamatsu as Moraes tosses out leg kicks. Wakamatsu tries a right hand two minutes in. They collide and Wakamatsu takes him to the fence. Knee from Wakamatsu and a sneaky takedown he can’t establish from. Two minutes to go.

Both try head kicks. Moraes low kick, both try overhand rights. He shoots, denied, lands a knee and right hand on the break. One minute to go. Flying knee attempt. They exchange near the fence. That late work from Moraes was just about the only meaningful stuff, so still a slight lead for him.

Round three: Ref stops the action right near the start to give both men yellow cards. Definitely an overreaction. Moraes shoots, tries to spin right to the back. One minute in. Wakamatsu defends and reverses against the fence. They separate and pause to fix the tape on Moraes’ gloves. Trading kicks two minutes in. Jumping switch kick from Moraes, but Wakamatsu grabs a body lock and takes him down against the fence. Sneaky knee. Back up, back down. Moraes hits the switch and they separate with two minutes to go.

Moraes feints a shot, latches onto a guillotine as Wakamatsu takes him down in return. Moraes gets his leg over Wakamatsu’s shoulder and the squeeze is enough to force the tap.

Final result: Moraes def. Wakamatsu by submission (guillotine choke)

Lightweight: Shinya Aoki vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

Round one: Akiyama on the advance. Aoki shoots and hauls him to the fence. Single-leg to bodylock and he gets a hook in standing. Looking to get the other one, locks up the body triangle. Already hunting the RNC. One minute in. He slowly works it deeper, switches sides on the body triangle. Akiyama audibly struggling to breathe but toughing it out. Nice hand fighting breaks the grip. Two minutes in. Aoki still attached. Punches from Aoki, trying to soften him up. Palm-to-palm neck crank with two minutes to go.

No dice. More punches from Aoki. One minute to go. More punches as he tries to get the RNC back in. 10-8 Aoki.

Round two: Akiyama pushing forward, limp-legs out of a shot. Knee from Aoki. Single-leg attempt, eating punches. Akiyama gets underhooks to defend and reverses. Right hand on the exit. Right hook from Aoki on the break. One minute in. Akiyama lead rights. Continuing to land and he’s hurt Aoki. Piling on the right hands against the fence. Desperate shot from Aoki. Akiyama slips out, knees him in the head, then piles on the punches until the ref intervenes. What a comeback.

Final result: Akiyama def. Aoki by TKO (knee and punches)

Lightweight Muay Thai: Eduard Folayang vs. John Wayne Parr

Round one: Low kicks to start. Heavy check hook from Folayang, who follows up with kicks. Check hook again to answer a Parr low kick. Again. Teep from Folayang. Two-piece to the body. Spinning back kick, check hook. Halfway through.

Good counter combo, keeping up the pressure. Parr getting dinged when he tries to lead with the low kicks. Folayang tries a spinning back fist. Spinning back kick attempt not long after. Parr lands a low kick, eats another combo, comes back with a right. He blocks a head kick and they trade inside. Parr low kick, Folayang body shots. Wheel kick attempt again from Folayang. 10-9 Folayang.

Round two: Exchanging kicks to start. Parr continuing to advance and fire low kicks. Avoiding the counters so far this round. Hard lead left. Body kick. Spinning back kick from Folayang. High-low 3-2 to answer a low kick. Folayang looking for body shots as Parr keeps leading with low kicks. Wheel kick attempt. Parr low kick, Folayang body shots. Halfway through the round.

Folayang backs Parr to the fence and stings him with a hard cross that sends him to a knee. Parr beats the count comfortably, but Folayang starts piling on the kicks. Low-high 1-2. Head kick attempt. Parr body kick and low kick. They trade in the center. Folayang tries another wheel kick. Solid 1-2 from Parr, his best in a while. Folayang tries another wheel kick as Parr charges in. 10-8 Folayang.

Round three: They meet in the center and get to trading. Parr piling on kicks as Folayang tries to answer with punches. Jab exchange. Parr low kick, blocks a spinning back fist, lands a counter left. Parr rushes in with his best combo in a while. Body kick behind it. Folayang trying to fire off the back foot but falling short with his punches. Double right by Parr. Body kick, eats a spinning back fist in return. Halfway through.

Parr lands a body kick in combination. Folayang throwing a lot but not connecting. There’s a counter right as I type that. Parr continuing to attack and he stings Folayang with a jump knee. Parr throwing everything he’s got. Nice elbows, but Folayang sends him staggering back with a counter right. Now Folayang clinches. Parr tries a cartwheel kick and sprints after Folayang, but can’t get to him in time. 10-9 Parr.

Final result: Folayang def. Parr by unanimous decision

ONE Kickboxing Featherweight Championship: Superbon Banchamek vs. Marat Grigorian

Round one: Superbon tossing out teeps and jabs, good low kick. Grigorian advancing as always. Checks a low kick in return, lands his own. Grigorian tries to answer a knee with a combination. Superbon getting the better of things so far. They trade teeps.

Halfway through the round. Step-in knee from Superbon. Staying busy with the jabs, low kicks, and teeps. Grigorian lands a right to the body. They trade knees to the body. Superbon really tearing up that lead leg, sneaks in a body kick, teep and knee. 10-9 Superbon.

Round two: Grigorian aggressive, firing high-speed combinations. Superbon cracks him with a counter right after a teep. That knee again from Superbon. More teeps. Three in a row, the last one puts Grigorian on his butt. Grigorian just can’t consistently get inside. More teeps from Superbon met by a combo. Halfway through.

Right hand from Superbon. Good body shot from Grigorian. Continuing to target the body, lands some solid shots. Long-range kicks from Superbon, Grigorian digs the body once again. Right cross after eating some teeps. More good inside work from Grigorian, who eats a body kick. 10-9 Superbon, but far closer.

Round three: Grigorian starting to find the mark as he marches forward. Superbon continuing to try and keep him at bay with front kicks. Solid punches connecting for Grigorian and they trade knees. Hard right cross. Superbon answers with body kicks, eats one in return. Nasty body kick from Superbon on the counter. Grigorian left hand, clinch. More body kicks from Superbon. Halfway through.

Grigorian with a short uppercut. Tries an uppercut on the fence. Body kick exchange. Knee and teeps by Superbon, who seems to have adjusted very well. Pull counter just misses. More teeps. Solid body shot from Grigorian, eats that knee again. 10-9 Superbon on the good late work.

Round four: Early clinch after Grigorian tries to open up. He eats a body kick, lands a short uppercut in combination. Another short uppercut. Superbon keeping up the kicks. Nice knee downstairs. Right hand to the body, low kick, overhand right. Low kick, teep, knee to the body. Grigorian whiffs on a pair of heavy hooks halfway through.

More body work from Superbon. Knees, kicks, teeps. Head kick blocked. Uppercut by Grigorian. They trade punches in the center. More Superbon body kicks. Step-in knee, clinch. 10-9 Superbon.

Round five: Grigorian fires an early flurry after eating a body kick. Knee from Superbon, jabs. Good low kick from Grigorian, who sneaks in another uppercut. Combination met by a knee from Superbon. Grigorian keeps getting that uppercut through when Superbon steps in. Body work from Superbon, combinations from Grigorian. Cuffing right by Grigorian. Halfway through.

Right hook from Grigorian to answer a knee. Superbon right cross. Grigorian going for it. Body shot in the clinch. 2-1 comes back at him. Teeps from Superbon. Grigorian uppercut, Superbon combination. Fun fight. 10-9 Grigorian.

Final result: Superbon def. Grigorian by unanimous decision

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