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Video: Crazed fan tries to fight Mike Tyson, pulls gun when security intervenes

He may be as tough as “Iron,” but Mike Tyson is also as cool as ice.

The former heavyweight boxing champion was trying to enjoy a night out with friends at a small comedy show on a rooftop bar in Hollywood, Calif., when a deranged fan approached Tyson to pick a fight and “elevate his status.”

I guess getting KTFO on video is a flex these days.

Not surprisingly, security intervened and tried to get the belligerent man to exit the premises. That’s when the gun came out and people ran for cover. Well, most people, as Tyson remained at the bar, completely unfazed by the events unfolding around him.

The gun-wielding maniac later revealed he was “joking.”

I miss the old days when jokes involved a Whoopee cushion or Loftus hand buzzer but Tyson didn't seem to mind and even gave the man a hug before things settled down. Police were never called because it’s Hollywood and the show must go on.

Like A.J. Benza used to say: Fame, ain’t it a bitch?

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