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Hot pursuit! Conor McGregor police chase video captured moments before ‘Notorious’ arrest

Every time Conor McGregor jumps into one of his exotic super cars, “Notorious” fans are right there beside him to film it. Works great when you’re trying to flex your vehicular muscle — but backfires when the police are in hot pursuit.

That was the case earlier this week in Dublin, Ireland, when McGregor was pulled over and arrested for dangerous driving, forcing law enforcement to seize his $187,000 Bentley. Unlike his Rolls Royce, “Mystic Mac” will actually get this one back.

“Mr. McGregor was driving to the gym when he was stopped by [Irish police] for alleged road traffic violations,” McGregor spokesperson Karen Kessler told ESPN. “He passed the drug and alcohol tests taken at the station.”

McGregor, 33, has experienced his fair share of traffic violations over the years and could be slapped with a hefty fine for his latest mishap. Jail time is certainly an option but unlikely for a star of his magnitude, considering there was no injury or damage at the scene.

“PS: All you UFC fighters need to stop getting arrested for stupid shit,” longtime rival Nate Diaz wrote on social media. “Acting like animals, irresponsible little kids, get your shit together. Drive safe please and act right. Fuuuuck.”

The surgically-repaired “Notorious” is expected to make his Octagon return in early 2023.

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