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Khabib cancels Colby Covington for Jorge Masvidal arrest — ‘All welterweights should refuse to fight him’

Two-time UFC welterweight title challenger Jorge Masvidal may be the one facing criminal charges stemming from his alleged sneak attack on 170-pound rival Colby Covington earlier this week in Miami, but “Chaos” is the one who should be punished.

That’s according to former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“If you are stronger than someone inside the Octagon, it does not mean you can insult his children,” Nurmagomedov wrote on social media. “No one has the right to insult someone’s family. Once you have gone down this path, then be ready to back up your words. You were attacked by a professional fighter, the same as you are, your own size, and you go press charges against him to the police?”

Nurmagomedov endured similar insults in the build-up to his UFC 229 title fight.

The 37 year-old “Gamebred,” who previously bragged about his sucker-punching skills, insists Covington put an eternal target on his back — regardless of date or location — by mocking Masvidal's kids as part of his UFC 272 trash-talking campaign.

Covington defeated Masvidal in their March 5 headliner by way of unanimous decision.

“I think all welterweights should refuse to fight Colby,” Nurmagomedov continued. “Just don’t accept fights with him, let him sit without a fight, it will probably significantly affect him and all fighters who even think of insulting families, who is provoking the fighters to look for someone in restaurants to deal with him.”

I guess it’s not “only business after all.”

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