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Video resurfaces of Jorge Masvidal bragging ‘I got one of the best sucker punches in the business’

Think Jorge Masvidal is a punk for allegedly sucker-punching Colby Covington?

Then you’re not in the same business as “Gamebred,” who is lauded for his ability to land a sneak attack and not get shot. And since my knowledge of Miami is forever parked on the corner of Crockett and Tubbs, I’ll have to take his word for it.

“I’m really known in my area of Westchester, Miami, Florida, I’m known — I got one of the best sucker punches in the business,” Masvidal previously told The MMA Hour.

“Sucker punches? That’s not a good thing to be known for,” host Ariel Helwani countered.

“Hell yeah it is, in the street it is,” Masvidal insisted. “If you’re a real street dude you know that you don’t tell someone, ‘Hey, you and me outside,’ you might get shot.”

By that logic it stands to reason that Masvidal ran up and allegedly sucker-punched Covington at Papi Steakhouse in Miami because “Chaos” might have been packing heat and could have blasted his way out of trouble.

Hey, I saw Hard Boiled, these things happen.

Covington and Masvidal are former friends and training partners who slowly became bitter enemies after “Chaos” adopted his 80’s-teen-comedy frat-house-douche persona, which has all the charm of an ingrown toenail but ultimately succeeded in getting Covington into a pair of pay-per-view (PPV) title fights, which he lost.

And a UFC 272 main event against Masvidal, which he won.

Since Masvidal was shut down across all five rounds and unable to get payback for Covington’s trash talk, which “Gamebred” insists was directed at his children, the only choice was to wait for the new “King of Miami” to let his guard down during dinner.

Like Frank Herbert wrote in Dune, “Never sit with your back to the door.”

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