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Midnight Mania! Ben Askren roasts ‘hypocritical’ Jorge Masvidal, ‘Suck it up buttercup’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

All anyone can talk about right now is Jorge Masvidal’s alleged felony, which landed directly on the face — more specifically, the teeth — of Colby Covington. Of course, I write alleged, but when Masvidal and his management are bragging about the act on Twitter, well ... in the words of the great Nathan Diaz, “How u gonna snitch on yourself?”

Diaz isn’t the only former “Gamebred” foe questioning Masvidal’s decision-making. Ben Askren also engaged Masvidal in a war of words prior to their clash, which of course ended in the brutal knockout that helped make Masvidal a superstar in the first place. Askren therefore has a fair bit of perspective on losing a grudge match, and he isn’t impressed with Masvidal’s reaction.

Askren attributes Masvidal’s sneak attack to “anger/insecurity issues.” He also points out that Masvidal’s excuse/reasoning that Covington trash talked his family doesn’t hold water since Masvidal himself has crossed that line too.

“Imagine having 25 minutes to punch someone as many times as you want legally, but you can’t get it done so you gotta sneak up at the steak house”

“The couple times I got beat up I just thought shit that sucked I should trained harder or employed better tactics. Not let me sneak up and attack him on the street bc I have anger/insecurity issues.”

“Jorge also talked about my family so he is being a hypocritical terd on top of all else. Suck it up butter cup, you got whipped. It happens sometimes.”

Boom, roasted?

Ultimately, Masvidal may have bigger concerns than Askren’s Twitter criticism, particularly if Covington pursues charges. Either way, the Internet is widely torn between whether or not Masvidal’s sucker punch was fair game or lame, and the fact that the victim was Covington definitely complicates public perception.

Speaking of ...


The Internet remains abuzz with the Masvidal-Covington drama. Some memes and reactions below:

Confirmed via the man himself: Paddy Pimblett is on a standard UFC contract and made $12k to show + $12k to win at UFC London.

Tanner Boser just accepted a much tougher booking than his original match up ...

A behind-the-scenes look at Chad Mendes and Song Yadong boxing sparring:

How can you not be a fan of Paul Craig? Anyone pulling guard and somehow winning — let alone winning consistently! — in 2022 is a legend in my book.

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Slips, rips, and KO clips

Overhand right to left body hook or left uppercut is a classic pairing for good reason.

Big David vs. Bigger Goliath, sumo edition.

I try not to be too harsh publicly, but I leave this clip uncertain if Lee understands how to throw a punch or even assume a striking stance.

Random Land

Caving/canyoneering is a pretty wild hobby.

Midnight Music: So ... Pusha T was hired by Arbys to drop a McDonalds diss track? This is so unbelievably stupid that I have to post it.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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