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‘The Mountain’ Thor Bjornsson plans to keep fighting after win over Eddie Hall: ‘I can go as far as I want’

After an impressive showing that saw him knock down strongman Eddie Hall three times, Thor Bjornsson is committed to boxing more in the future.

Thor Bjornsson advertises soda water maker Photo by Lukas Schulze/picture alliance via Getty Images

On Saturday night (March 19, 2022), two World’s Strongest Man champions clashed in what was described as, “the heaviest boxing match in history.” Thor Bjornsson — best known as “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones — and Eddie Hall went six impressively entertaining rounds in Dubai with both men getting their shots in.

Hall scored a knockdown on Bjornsson once, while Bjornsson dropped Hall three times, earning him the decision with 57-54, 57-54 and 57-54 scorecards (watch the highlights and knockdowns here).

Following the bout, a 2-0-2 Thor sounded happy with his performance and ready to see how far he could continue on in boxing.

“It was a hell of a fight, in my opinion,” he said in an interview with IFL TV. “I’m going to wait and see what the fans said, but in my opinion it was a good fight. In my opinion. I got some heavy shots. He hits hard! Let’s be honest, he hits hard.

“I understood his gameplan was to take me down,” he continued. “I needed to keep my left hand up, be careful of his right hook. And I did that. Once I understood my distance and his gameplan, it was my game.”

Asked what the two long-time rivals said to each other following the match, Bjornsson kept details scarce.

“I congratulated him, I said, ‘Thank you very much,’” he revealed. “I said he fought well, which he did. And I told him he’s the only man that has ever dropped me in the ring, and I’m not going to go too deep into what he said, but he said what I said.”

All too often, celebrity fights and Super Heavyweight fights turn into lackluster gassed out clinch-heavy affairs. This fight was surprisingly technical, with Bjornsson using crisp combinations to earn his knockdowns against Hall. With his best win yet, “The Mountain” declared he’d keep training and improving.

“I’m learning. I’m loving this journey and I’m still a beginner,” he said. “I would say I’m okay in the beginning, I’ve learned a lot in a short period of time. So who knows where I’ll be a year from now. How much can I improve a year from now?”

“Maybe I’ll be able to fight a proper guy. Who knows? The thing is ... the only thing stopping you is your mind. And I believe in myself and I believe I can go as far as I want. And as long as I’m enjoying this journey, I’ll keep going.”

As for whether he’d ever fight Hall again?

“On my behalf, I’ve moved on,” Thor said. But: “He wants a rematch, I’m fine with it.”

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