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Logan Paul to UFC? Dana White open to signing YouTube star — ‘I’m not saying no’

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when UFC President Dana White believed that any attempt to put YouTube star Logan Paul inside the Octagon would end with White in handcuffs, charged with attempted murder.

Bellator boss Scott Coker, however, would welcome Paul with open arms.

That said, it sounds like White may be warming up to the idea after spending time with Paul and his social media goons on the Impaulsive podcast. Just don’t ask him about booking lightweight Conor McGregor against 200-pound brother Jake.

White: “There’s weight classes for a reason ... it’s a stretch for Conor to fight at 170. He fought Nate (Diaz) at 170. That isn’t his fucking weight class, not even close.”

Paul: “Okay, fuck the Conor thing for a second. What about any other fight? Like if I wanted to do a UFC fight? Is that something you’d entertain?”

White: “Who would you want to fight?”

Paul: “I dunno.”

White: “You have wrestling and boxing.”

Paul: “I could get it done.”

White: “Did you ever do jiu-jitsu?”

Paul: “Of course.”

White: “Yeah?”

Paul: “Yeah. I could get it done, Dana.”

White: “I’m not saying no.”

Paul: “Dana, sign me.”

White: “I’m not saying no.”

Paul turns 27 in April and already made a pair of appearances inside the boxing ring, including last year’s laugher against pound-for-pound great Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Miami. Sadly, that bout is known more for its post-fight pay dispute than anything that happened between the ropes.

If Logan Paul does join UFC, let’s hope it ends better than this failed experiment.

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