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Live! Logan Paul, Arnold Schwarzenegger press conference video for Slap Fighting Championship

Hollywood action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger and social media sensation Logan Paul will join forces for the upcoming Slap Fighting Championship on Sat., March 5, 2022 inside the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, part of the annual Arnold Sports Festival.

Watch their LIVE press conference video embedded above.

“The Arnold Sports Festival is all about inspiring our fans to chase their dreams and find the sport that starts their fitness journey,” said Schwarzenegger. “I can’t wait to showcase the best slap fighters in the world on the main stage at our event and I’m so excited to introduce this wild sport to our fans with Logan.”

Slap Fighting Championship will be headlined by the super heavyweight title fight between three-time PunchDown champion Dawid “Zales” Zalewski and Koa “Da Crazy Hawaiian” Viernes. Elsewhere on the card, Maksymilian “Mad Max” Lesniak battles Nikolas “Predator” Toth, while Adrianna “Flychanelle” Sledz goes slap-for-slap with Julia Kruzer.

“As someone who always seeks to be at the forefront of any new discovery, it is a thrill to see slap fighting get legitimized in the world of sport,” said Paul. “It is an honor to present these combat athletes to a global audience alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fanmio and PunchDown. Fans will not be disappointed!”

Slap Fighting Championship can be streamed on Fanmio, available in Apple’s App Store, on Google Play, and through the Amazon App.

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