New Money Pool Season Begins At UFC 271!

Another season bites the dust.

In a nail-biter, GorillaPunt took first place at UFC Vegas 47 to tie longtime frontrunner Joben as the season's end champion. Unless both men would really like next weekend's card to be the official decider, they will stand as co-champions and split the first + second place prizes equally. Meanwhile, in third place, me!

Now, it's time for a new season! If you're in the pool already, check your inbox for an invite to the new season. If not, keep on reading for the copy and pasted instructions on how to join.


How To Join Season 5

Want in? Make an account on the phone app (literally called "FightPicks") and tell me your screen name. Ideally, make a username similar to your MMAmania one for simplicity's sake. Then, email the treasurer: for instructions on how to pay.

If you've bought into the money pool previously, the system is the same. $20 buys you into the season, which will last for 10 UFC events. There is no hot bout on the new system, and there's no differentiation between split and unanimous decisions. Points are awarded for picking the correct winner, correct round, and correct method -- as well as a bonus for getting everything right.

As for payout, the winner of each individual event is automatically paid into the next season. At the end of 10 events, the top three league-leaders will be paid.

If you know your stuff -- or even if you don't -- give it a shot!

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