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Alex Volkanovski not ‘running’ from returning Henry Cejudo — ‘UFC never brought up his name, ever’

UFC 266: Volkanovski v Ortega Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images

Former UFC two-division champion Henry Cejudo claims he’s making his return to MMA to capture a third title, the same way former 205-pound titleholder Jon Jones claims he’s moving up to the heavyweight division to fight for the 265-pound crown.

Lots of talking (but very little action).

That’s why reigning UFC featherweight titleholder Alex Volkanovski isn’t getting too worked up over rumors he’s “running” from the 34 year-old Olympian, especially considering the promotion has yet to mention “Triple C” in any of their conversations.

“I don’t even mind the guy,” Volkanovski told The MMA Hour. “Obviously, we have a bit of fun and he’s always trying to troll me and get under my skin and make that fight happen. Again, I get people who are going to say I’m running and whatnot. The UFC never brought up his name, ever. And it was never mentioned to me, it was never even close to an option. How am I going to take it seriously if the UFC doesn’t take it seriously? And I don’t even know if Henry is really taking it serious. But man, I like the guy. He’s got great skills. You’ve you’ve done great things in other divisions. And you retired, so it just doesn’t make sense.”

Cejudo walked away from MMA after stopping Dominick Cruz at UFC 249 back in early 2020. In the two years since he’s been gone, the former “Messenger” has been teasing a potential comeback, but UFC President Dana White has yet to get on board.

Until then, Volkanovski will focus on the rest of the featherweight division.

“If there was ever a time that I was going to do it, it probably would be now,” Volkanovski continued. “But again, the UFC weren’t going to bring it up. They’re thinking that, what’s the point? You don’t deserve it. And then what if you do somehow get it done — you’re just going to retire and [drop the belt again]? Even though I heard Henry say, ‘Oh, if I do that, I’ll stay,’ I don’t think they believe that. But you wouldn’t have had to worry about that anyway.”

Volkanovski (23-1) defends his featherweight title against “The Korean Zombie” at UFC 273 in April.

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