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UFC Vegas 47 results, live streaming play-by-play updates | Hermansson vs. Strickland

UFC Fight Night: Hermansson v Shahbazyan Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will ask venerable middleweight bruiser Jack Hermansson to quell the uprising of 185-pound “Tarzan” Sean Strickland in UFC Vegas 47’s main event, scheduled for TONIGHT (Sat., Feb. 5, 2022) inside the promotion’s APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. “The Joker” sits just one spot above Strickland in the middleweight rankings and this weekend’s winner could find themselves among the Top 5 of the division. Before that important 185-pound showdown gets underway, undefeated middleweight up-and-comer Nick Maximov will try to survive “Story Time” on ESPN+ opposite once-beaten Hawaiian standout Punahele Soriano. Fun for the whole family!

LIVE! Stream UFC San Antonio On ESPN+

BLOCKBUSTER BANTAMWEIGHT CONTENDERS’ BOUT! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) departs APEX for a special “Fight Night” extravaganza at AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, on Sat., March 25, 2023, featuring a pair of thrilling 135-pound bouts. Surging No. 4-ranked contender Marlon Vera goes for his fifth consecutive win when he takes on exciting finisher and No. 5-seeded Cory Sandhagen. In UFC San Antonio’s ESPN+-streamed co-main event, former women’s 135-pound champion and current No. 3-ranked Holly Holm battles Yana Santos (No. 4).

Don’t miss a single second of face-punching action! will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Vegas 47 fight card below, starting with the ESPN+ “Prelims” bouts at 4 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN+ main card start time at 7 p.m. ET.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Hermansson vs. Strickland.” Without further delay, see below for the updated UFC Vegas 47 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action).


Jack Hermansson vs. Sean Strickland — Strickland def. Hermansson by split decision (49-46, 47-48, 49-46)
Nick Maximov vs. Punahele Soriano — Maximov def. Soriano by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)
Shavkat Rakhmonov vs. Carlston Harris — Rakhmonov def. Harris by KO (wheel kick and punches) at 4:10 of Round One
Sam Alvey vs. Brendan Allen — Allen def. Alvey by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:10 of Round Two
Bryan Battle vs. Tresean Gore — Battle def. Gore by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Julian Erosa vs. Steven Peterson — Erosa def. Peterson by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)
John Castaneda vs. Miles Johns — Castaneda def. Johns by technical submission (arm triangle choke) at 1:38 of Round Three — HIGHLIGHTS
Hakeem Dawodu vs. Mike Trizano — Dawodu def. Trizano by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Marc-Andre Barriault vs. Chidi Njokuani — Njokuani def. Barriault by TKO (punches) at 0:16 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Alexis Davis vs. Julija Stoliarenko — Davis def. Stoliarenko by unanimous decision (29-27 x2, 30-27)
Jailton Almeida vs. Danilo Marques — Almeida def. Marques by TKO (punches) at 2:57 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Jason Witt vs. Philip Rowe — Rowe def. Witt by TKO (punches) at 2:15 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
Malcolm Gordon vs. Denys Bondar — Gordon def. Bondar by submission (arm injury) at 1:22 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS


185 lbs.: Jack Hermansson vs. Sean Strickland

Round 1: Solid low kick from Hermansson. Strickland pumping out the jab. Hermansson calf kick. One minute in. Hermansson shoots and hauls Strickland to the fence. Looking for the back. Strickland manages to turn and separate two minutes in. Back to the jab for Strickland. Hermansson body kick. More low kicks. Two minutes to go.

More Strickland jabs, more Hermansson low kicks. Strickland whiffs a 1-1-2. One minute to go. Long right connects. Hermansson tries some hooks. More Strickland jabs, eats a leg kick. Hard to score. 10-9 Strickland I suppose.

Round 2: Hermansson tries a flurry, continues racking up the low kicks. Strickland jabbing as usual. One minute in. Hermansson shoots, denied. Strickland with a glancing 1-2. Two minutes in. Continuing to plod forward. Strickland body kick, Hermansson with a nice combination in response. Good Hermansson body kick. He shoots, denied. Two minutes to go.

Strickland lands to the body. Body kick and 1-2 after a long stretch of Hermansson picking at his legs. One minute to go. Strickland just showing no urgency. There’s a hard, blocked right hand for a knockdown before the bell. 10-9 Strickland.

Round 3: Hermansson keeping up the feints and low kicks, falling short with punches. One minute in. Strickland jabs, Hermansson low kicks. Strickland stuffs a shot. Two minutes in. Hermansson body kick. Hermansson’s whiffing on most of his shots but Strickland isn’t offering much in return besides the jabs. Two minutes to go.

Not the most thrilling stuff here. Stiff jabs by Strickland. One minute to go. Body shot. Hermansson body kick, blocks a head kick in return. Strickland jab, Hermansson combo. 10-9 Strickland.

Round 4: Hermansson goes hard for a takedown, denied a minute in. For someone who wants to murder people, Strickland has been pretty reserved. Solid counter right after eating a leg kick. Hermansson tries his own jabs. Two minutes in. Strickland teep. Hermansson low kick. Strickland jabs, Hermansson low kicks, etcetera. Two minutes to go.

There’s a decent exchange. Solid counter right from Strickland. More jabs. One minute to go. Head kick attempt. Hermansson leg kick, Strickland right cross. 10-9 Strickland.

Round 5: Hermansson going for it, but just can’t close the distance at all. Strickland in total cruise control. One minute in. Body kick by Hermansson. Superman punch lands. Low kick. Strickland 1-1-2, Hermansson to the body. Two minutes in. Counter right from Hermansson. Strickland to the body. Hermansson trying these low-high combos and falling about a foot short. Strickland 1-1-2, Hermansson body shots as I type that. Hermansson trying more Superman punches. Two minutes to go.

Strickland jabs, Hermansson calf kick. Low kick from Strickland in return. Head kick and 1-2, eats a solid low kick in return. Hermansson shoots, denied. One minute to go. Strickland invites him to trade heat and they do so until the bell. 10-9 Strickland.

Final result: Strickland def. Hermansson by split decision

185 lbs.: Nick Maximov vs. Punahele Soriano

Round 1: Early right cross from Maximov, who shoots under a left but can’t complete it. Maximov body kick. Sharp lead right, Soriano with some solid defense. One minute in. Maximov staying dogged, tries a head kick as Soriano stands and separates. Two minutes in. Maximov eats a low blow. Soriano fires a three-piece, then cracks Maximov with a clean knee. Straight left through the guard and another knee. Maximov shoots and immediately latches onto Soriano’s back. Both hooks in standing. Two minutes to go.

Palm-to-palm, can’t get under the chin. Soriano gets the hooks out, tries to sit out. Maximov staying attached. Soriano separates, lands a knee to the body. Solid punches. 10-9 Maximov.

Round 2: They trade crosses. Solid lead right by Maximov, who shots under a straight left. Nice scramble. Soriano manages to escape and wave him up. Heavy combo by Soriano and he sprawls a minute in, but Maximov drives through and looks for the back. Soriano breaks his grip and stands. Looking for left hands. Nice body shot from Soriano, then more as Maximov tries to drive through a shot two minutes in. Nice shots by Soriano as he defends. Maximov transitions to a rear waist lock. Two minutes to go.

Soriano spins, stands, dragged back down. Soriano landign the occasional strike as he defends. One minute to go. Honestly, 10-9 Soriano; Maximov didn’t do any damage.

Round 3: Maximov tries a head kick, then hits a takedown. Soriano back up, can’t break the grip a minute in. Maximov with a couple right hands. Another completed double-leg. Two minutes in. Back up, Maximov trying a single-leg. Chains to a double, completes it. Knees to the butt once Soriano stands. Two minutes to go.

Back down, back up. Nice body shots from Soriano as he defends. One minute to go. Back up. More body shots from Soriano, who staggers after Maximov but can’t reach him. He looks hurt. 10-9 Maximov; comes down to how they scored the first round.

Final result: Maximov def. Soriano by split decision

170 lbs.: Shavkat Rakhmonov vs. Carlston Harris

Round 1: Low kick and left hand from Harris. Left hook falls short. Rakhmonov tries a 1-2, lands a body kick a minute in. Both men jabbing, neither landing clean. Spinning back kick and 1-2-3 from Rakhmonov prompt a clinch. Two minutes in. Both looking for takedowns from over-unders. Good defense from both so far. Two minutes to go.

Slick uchi mata puts Rakhmonov on top but Harris immediately scrambles to his feet and separates. Huge wheel kick from Rakhmonov and down goes Harris. Murderous right hands follow and knock the last scraps of consciousness from “Mozambique’s” head. Wow.

Final result: Rakhmonov def. Harris by KO (wheel kick and punches)

205 lbs.: Sam Alvey vs. Brendan Allen

Round 1: Early body work from Allen, who walks into a counter left. Nice double-leg, even nicer defense from Alvey. They separate a minute in. Allen tries a head kick. Stiff Alvey jab. Sharp straight left soon after. Two minutes in. Allen body kick, then from the other side. He’s on the front foot, just not throwing much. Another body kick. Two minutes to go.

Alvey lands an up-jab, tries a flurry as Allen steps in. Allen tries a wheel kick, then lands a right cross behind a spinning back fist. One minute to go. 2-1 from Alvey connects. allen shoots, denied. Allen lands a good right hand on the break that wobbles Alvey, then another that buckles him badly. Alvey manages to tie up and survive. 10-9 Allen on the late damage.

Round 2: Allen staying on the front foot. Counter left from Alvey. Low kick a minute in. Allen answers with a body kick. Low kick to head kick attempt. Check hook. Allen steps in, leads to the body, then lands a monster hook that sends Alvey to his knees. Allen can’t find the TKO, so he wraps up a vicious no-hooks RNC for the finish.

Final result: Allen def. Alvey by submission (rear naked choke)

185 lbs.: Bryan Battle vs. Tresean Gore

Round 1: Gore advancing, Battle keeping him at bay with kicks as he circles. One minute in. Jab lands for Gore, good low kick behind it. Battle picks away with his own leg kicks. Low kick exchange. Gore continuing to advance, not sitting down on anything yet. Two minutes in. Battle’s kicks and straight punches really bothering Gore, who can’t get inside. Two minutes to go.

More kicks from Battle, 1-2. Gore just misses on an overhand right. Battle continuing to rack up quick, long strikes. One minute to go. Battle’s movement has been great thus far. There’s a hard hook by Gore against the fence. They jaw at each other after the bell. 10-9 Battle.

Round 2: Gore advancing with a little more urgency. Jab exchange. Battle keeping up the kicks, lands a nice counter right. 2-3. Body shot. Gore body kick a minute in. Low kick connects. Huge left hook briefly buckles Battle, who loses his mouthguard. Gore continent to stay patient. More kicks from Battle. Gore backs him to the fence and hurts him with a hard combo. Clinch slows things down two minutes in and they separate. Battle shoots behind a combination. On the fence with two minutes to go.

They separate, then Battle changes levels again. They exchange on the break and Battle shoots again, but Gore nearly wraps up a ninja choke and uses it to set up on top in half guard. 10-9 Gore.

Round 3: Battle’s right eye is nearly swollen shut. That’ll be a problem. Sending out punching volleys. 1-2 from Gore, eats a body kick in return. One minute in. He shoots through a knee for a successful takedown. Battle works his way up and puts Gore on the fence in return. Knees downstairs. Two minutes in. Gore tries a takedown, then looks to open up on the exit. Left hook from Battle in combination. Right hand feint into a level change. Two minutes to go.

Gore defending against the fence. Separation. Good 1-2-3 from Battle. Three-piece into a level change. One minute to go. They separate. Both swing right hands. Battle shoots behind a left hand and hauls him to the fence. Separation with 20 seconds to left. Potshots from Battle. 10-9 Battle, barely.

Final result: Battle def. Gore by unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Julian Erosa vs. Steven Peterson

Round 1: Peterson ties up on the fence after eating a teep. Decent right hand after getting a bit of space, then separation. One minute in. Solid body kick from Erosa. Continuing to push forward. Low kicks from Peterson landing so far. Hard 1-2 from Erosa. Two minutes in. Counter two-piece. Erosa doing well on the front foot. Peterson low kick and jab. Good combo by Erosa, keeping Peterson near the fence. Hook kick attempt misses, counters do not. Right hand form Peterson with two minutes to go.

Peterson misses a spinning back fist, eats a combo. Front kick attempt. Low kick connects. Erosa body kick and left hand. Sharp right cross on the fence. 3-2. One minute to go. Hard leg kick by Peterson. Low kick and 3-2 come back at him. Peterson tries another spinning back fist, avoids a flying knee. Trading punches, solid right from Peterson and some massive shots from Erosa in return. 10-9 Erosa.

Round 2: Right back to exchanging. Good right from Peterson. Left hook lands for Erosa. Peterson sitting down on his shots but Erosa still getting the better of things. One minute in. Peterson low kicks. Hard counter right, Erosa answers in kind. Double right by Peterson. Erosa shoots, denied, eats a right on the exit. Momentum swinging Peterson’s way and there’s a heavy right hand. Two minutes in. Stiff jab. 1-2. Hard left hook from Erosa and a low kick behind it. Left hand exchange, then a huge 1-2 that takes out Erosa’s legs. Erosa swinging for the fences on rubber legs as Peterson swarms. Trading bombs with two minutes to go.

Spinning back fist from Erosa and Peterson hits the deck! He follows up with a shot, gets him down, can’t establish. Peterson looking for his own takedown. They separate. Overhand right from Peterson with a minute to go. Erosa still marching forward, times a double-leg under a spinning back fist. Peterosn comes back with a clean head kick but Erosa keeps pouring it on. Erosa cracks his chin before the bell. Hell of a round. Still think Peterson’s early work got the round for him. 10-9 Peterson.

Round 3: Erosa continuing to pressure, slips on a whiff. Stiff jab from Peterson answered in kind. Hard 1-2 stings Erosa, who shoots into a guillotine. Peterson squeezing but the left side of Erosa’s neck is free a minute in. He pops his head out and Peterson gets to his seat. Back to the feet. Both swing big on the break. Huge 1-2 by Peterson that Erosa just absorbs. Two minutes in. Erosa to the body. Counter jab and overhand right by Peterson. Another right cross on the exit, then a 1-2. 1-2 again. Erosa charges after him with punches. Nice body kick. Two minutes to go.

Low kick knocks Erosa over, he pops back up. Good left hand by Erosa. Clinch, big right hook by Erosa. Cross on the chin and they trade on the break. Body kick and right hand. He’s got the momentum again. Erosa body kcik, Peterson knee and overhand right. Big right by Erosa, who bellows for Peterson to come on and then takes him down with a minute to go. Peterson tries a guillotine, then an omoplata. Nasty elbow by Erosa, diving right hand. Bombing away from top position. Peterson’s mouth is pouring blood. Erosa lets him up and lands a somersault kick before the bell. Hell of a fight. I think Erosa stole it late. 10-9 Erosa.

Final result: Erosa def. Peterson by split decision

135 lbs.: John Castaneda vs. Miles Johns

Round 1: Castaneda pushing forward early. No big commitments yet. Launching kicks. One minute in. Johns tries to counter a low kick with a 1-2. Sharp counter jab. Two minutes in. Nice low kick from Castaneda, right cross comes back at him. Johns takes a glancing finger in the eye, brushes it off. Castaneda continuing to send out kicks. Two minutes to go.

More kicks from Castaneda. Counter jab by Johns. 2-3 lands for Castaneda, continuing to pressure. Nice counter right by Johns. One minute to go. Johns catches a kick, tries a counter right. Both land rights, Castaneda’s to the body. Not sure how to score that one. 10-9 Castaneda on activity I guess.

Round 2: Castaneda opens with a low blow. Johns looking a bit more aggressive when they resume. Testy exchanges. Counter right from Johns a minute in. Left hook. Castaneda keeping up the pressure. Johns to the body, eats a head kick that makes him back off. Big exchange on the fence. Castaneda fakes a level change, eats a right hand. Two minutes in. Johns with a 3-2. Counter left by Castaneda and Johns looks like he doesn’t like it. Castaneda pushing forward, lands a short uppercut. Johns to the body. Castaneda stuffs a takedown with two minutes to go.

Hard right hook and Johns is hurt. In full retreat and he falls to his back, tying up Castaneda in guard. One minute to go. Castaneda lands an elbow, lets Johns up. Johns swinging from the hip and falling short. 10-9 Castaneda.

Round 3: Johns counters a low kick with a right cross. Sharp right hook from Castaneda and Johns is hurt again. Castaneda swarming as Johns retreats. Staying patient, tries a takedown, good knee. One minute in. There’s another knee and an uppercut sends Johns to the mat. Castaneda looking for an arm triangle. That’s insanely deep and out go the lights.

Final result: Castaneda def. Johns by technical submission (arm triangle choke)

145 lbs.: Hakeem Dawodu vs. Mike Trizano

Round 1: Fast exchanges right away. Left hook lands for Dawodu, who eats a leg kick and lands his own. Trading heavy jabs. Trizano body shot, Dawodu low kick. One minute in. Dawodu tries a head kick and left hook. Low kick from Trizano in return. Dawodu counter low kick. Two minutes in. Trizano low kick, 1-2 comes back at him. Hard 1-2 by Trizano, his best shot so far. Dawodu digs to the body. Body kick attempt. Both land body jabs, Dawodu follows up with low kicks. Two minutes to go.

Jumping snap kick to the body from Dawodu, then another counter low kick. Trizano with some nice jabs. Both land two-pieces and Dawodu hauls him to the fence. Nice knee by Trizano on the exit. One minute to go. Sharp counter hook. Dawodu counter leg kick met by one in return. Trizano 1-2, Dawodu answers in kind. Heavy exchange and Dawodu lands a cross. 10-9 Dawodu.

Round 2: Back to the quick exchanges, both men working behind their jabs. Dawodu body kick, Trizano low kick, then the same in reverse. Sharp hook from Trizano. One minute in. Dawodu jabs and hauls him to the fence. They separate. 3-2 from Dawodu. Nice body shot, double jab. Trading jabs. Two minutes in. Dawudo lands a body kick in combination. Trizano fires his own combo and gets hauled to the fence. Dawodu fires knees to the body. They separate with two minutes to go.

Dawodu tries a spinning back kick. Jab, just misses on a cross counter. Liver punch to body kick. Another nasty body shot. Trizano comes back with a jab to leg kick. Dawodu setting things up with the jab, avoids a combo with a minute to go. Left hook to low kick. Again. Body kick, low kick exchange. Dawodu with a cross counter to body shot into the clinch. Knees to the body. Trizano reverses. 10-9 Dawodu.

Round 3: Dawodu hauls him to the fence after some early exchanges. They separate. Jabs landing for him. Trizano left hook, trying to time the counter. One minute in. Trizano changes levels and puts Dawodu on his back. Looking for the back as Dawodu stands, can’t get it. Nasty body shots from Dawodu. They trade knees and Dawodu puts him on the fence again. Body kicks from Dawodu two minutes in. Nice 1-2 from Trizano. Dawodu with a sharp four-piece. Knees to the body. Back to the fence. Two minutes to go.

Trading knees to the body. Body kick as they separate, more jabs. Good exchanges, then back to the fence again. Trizano game, just outclassed. High-low combo from Dawodu with a minute to go. Clean left upstairs, brief clinch. Decent right from Trizano before Dawodu ties up again. Nice body work from Dawodu as they separate. One final trade. 10-9 Dawodu.

Final result: Dawodu def. Trizano by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Marc-Andre Barriault vs. Chidi Njokuani

Round 1: Njokuani opens with kicks, then floors Barriault with a vicious 1-2s. He clobbers the turtling Barriault to prompt a quick finish. Damn.

Final result: Njokuani def. Barriault by TKO (punches)

135 lbs.: Alexis Davis vs. Julija Stoliarenko

Round 1: Davis catches a kick and follows her down into guard, immediately dropping punches. Stoliarenko already hunting armbars. Nasty-looking attempt catches Davis trying to pass. Incredible defense a minute in. Back to guard, back to punching and elbows. Another armbar attempt, still nothing and it gives Davis half guard. Continuing to drop elbows and punches. Stoliarenko regains guard two minutes in. Nothing massive from Davis yet but this is a lot of solid shots as Stoliarenko tries to work off her back. Two minutes to go.

There’s another armbar attempt, stymied by the fence. Davis just keeps escaping and keeps mashing her with ground-and-pound. Illegal upkick from Stoliarenko and they pause to have the doctor check Davis out. They resume in guard. Stoliarenko chasing an armbar again. 10-9 Davis.

Round 2: Solid counter right from Stoliarenko. Davis body kick and low kick. Counter combination. Continuing to attack the lead calf a minute in. Stoliarenko already having issues moving and she gets cracked by a right hand. Counter left from Stoliarenko, then a counter right. Good body shot. Two minutes in. 1-2 from Davis, then a calf kick. She ties up, lands an elbow. Both whiff in an exchange. Good combo by Stoliarenko, who eats a 1-2-calf kick. Another calf kick. Good trade. Two minutes to go.

Stoliarenko combo, Davis low kick. Hard left hand by Stoliarenko, eats a body kick in return. Teep by Davis. One minute to go. Stoliarenko lands a head kick and Davis tanks it before coming back with leg kicks. Short combo by Stoliarenko. Davis goes low-high. 2-1 from Stoliarenko. Davis double right. Body kick. Fun round. 10-9 Davis?

Round 3: Solid left from Stoliarenko as she angles off. Another hard calf kick and this one sits Stoliarenko down. Davis follows down into guard. One minute in. Stoliarenko trying to use an overhook. Davis continuing to land hard ground-and-pound. Elbows two minutes in. Continuing to land. Two minutes to go.

Steady elbows. No armbars from Stoliarenko in a while. One minute to go. Continuing to pile up the elbows. Borderline 10-8. 10-9 Davis.

Final result: Davis def. Stoliarenko by unanimous decision

205 lbs.: Jailton Almeida vs. Danilo Marques

Round 1: Almeida fires a front kick, then follows with a double leg. Big lift and takedown. Looking for the back. One minute in. Side control. Marques stuck on his side, holding onto a wriest. Half guard two minutes in. Almeida pins an arm and starts blasting, then takes mount. Continuing to blast and threaten with RNCs any time Marques gives up his back. Marques trying to buck but Almeida just keeps slamming home hammerfists until the ref intervenes.

Final result: Almeida def. Marques by TKO (punches)

170 lbs.: Jason Witt vs. Philip Rowe

Round 1: Low kick from Witt to start. Good little blitz. Rowe falls short with a lead right. Witt shoots a minute in and completes the double-leg near the fence. On top in half guard. Rowe works his way up against the fence, gets tripped right back down. Two minutes in. Staying heavy, not a ton of damage so far. Rowe regains guard. Two minutes to go.

Rowe keeping his guard closed, not offering much off of his back. One minute to go. Witt just throwing the occasional short punch. Rowe manages to pop up and separate in the last 20 seconds, then catch Witt with a 2-3. 10-9 Witt.

Round 2: Witt continuing to push forward, backs Rowe to the fence and shoots. Rowe just has zero cage awareness. Witt drags him down once again. One minute in. Rowe stuck on his seat. Now he makes it up and separates. Long left hook from Witt. Two minutes in. Rowe backs him to the fence in return, then crumples him with a vicious three-punch combo. A couple more coffin nails on the ground and there’s the finish.

Final result: Rowe def. Witt by TKO (punches)

125 lbs.: Malcolm Gordon vs. Denys Bondar

Round 1: Trading jabs early. Solid right hand from Gordon. Big combination stings Bondar and prompts a reactive shot that puts him on top in guard. Gordon looking for a triangle, goes from an armbar into a scramble a minute in. Bondar makes it back up and falls victim to an uchi mata; as he tries to post and get up, his left arm visibly snaps, prompting a scream and some taps. Oof.

Final result: Gordon def. Bondar by submission (arm injury)

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