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Bobby Green releases statement after UFC Vegas 49 loss to Islam Makhachev

A disappointed “King” reflected upon his decision to fight Islam Makhachev on 10 days notice and what he learned from their bout.

UFC Fight Night: Makhachev v Green Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

By stepping in on 10 days notice to face a beast like Islam Makhachev, Bobby Green earned a lot of goodwill from mixed martial arts (MMA) fans around the world. UFC also did a good job of pumping up Green — it shined the spotlight on him ... and he shined back.

None of that helped him once he entered the Octagon at UFC Vegas 49 last night (Feb. 26, 2022) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Makhachev did what he does to most of his opponents: he took down Green early, waited for openings, locked in mount position, and then rained down punches until the referee had seen enough. The whole thing took just over three minutes (watch highlights here).

“[It’s a first] getting taken out like that, you know?” he said in a post-fight interview with Megan Olivi. “It really sucks. I know I’m throwing this together, did what I can, I got off the couch. I’m still banged up from my last fight. But, I did the best I can with what I had. I at least wanted a chance to get a taste of the guy. Interesting what you’re doing. I feel what you’re doing and I understand what you’re doing now. And so if we ever cross paths again I’d be prepared for him.”

“I understand now. He’s so patient and he’s so strong and he just goes little, little, little and then little until he gets right where he wants to be, you know? So I tried to do some turning over and as I did it, he went to mount and he was so strong at holding his mount, I was like eventually I could try to get and turn and I couldn’t move out of it. No one’s been that strong before. So I’ve got to get on my weight training and my muscles to build up that strength for this division.”

The end result may have soured Green a bit on the “headliner” experience. Asked if he wanted to be in another main event he laughed.

“Can I be honest? No [I don’t want another main event]!” Green joked. “I know my guys don’t want to hear that. [My manager] is freaking having a baby right now, but it was so long back there! I just want to fight and get it over with. Put me on the main card at least, I’ll open it or something like that. It just took so long. I want to fight and get it over and be partying.”

Shortly after the event, Green released a video on his Instagram.

“Expensive pain, expensive pain,” he said. “Wins and losses, wins and losses. I just wanna thank all my guys, all my people for riding with me. I apologize, but this is what it comes with when you throw this s—t together, you know what I’m saying? It was last minute, put it together as much as I can. I appreciate you. The s—t we do for our families, the s—t we do for our families, you know? Love you guys.”

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