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Midnight Mania! Kevin Lee will ‘make more than UFC champions’ in first Eagle FC fight

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UFC Fight Night: Lee v Rodriguez Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Kevin Lee’s UFC career ended on a sour note, but perhaps those struggles have lead him to greener pastures.

Now a member of The Eagle FC roster, Lee seems to be more of a priority for the promotion. For one, they’ve structured their weight classes as Lee — as well as many other talented fighters between Lightweight and Welterweight — have asked, creating the 165-pound and 175-pound weight classes. Speaking with MMA Junkie Radio, Lee detailed his new contract a bit, revealing that he’ll be making more money than some UFC champions in his upcoming debut vs. Diego Sanchez.

“We know that the best fighters aren’t always in the UFC,” Lee began (via Susan Cox). “There are some guys out in Russia that will beat the f—k out of you, so my competitiveness in me just drives me to be even better than them – and that’s just a never-ending process. It’s not like now I can chill, now I’m making a bunch of money, now I can go out there and just have fun. No – this is a fight.

This is a fight for your life at the end of the day. People lose their life doing this type of s—t, so the competitor in me is still up there and still driving. I’m making a bunch of money, though. That’s the part I’m not upset about. My contract will make more than most UFC champions see, so that part is kind of nice. But the competitor in me still thinks it’s the same game. … I’m going to make more than UFC champions in my first fight, so we’re having fun.”

At first, that claim sounds pretty hard to believe. Then, we remember back to the released UFC 270 payouts, which revealed that Brandon Moreno banked a mere $200k for his title trilogy with Deiveson Figueiredo. Consider also that Lee is free to pursue sponsors and represent them in the cage, and suddenly that champion’s income doesn’t seem quite as out of reach.

One way or another, Lee’s Eagle FC debut sounds like a big win for “The Motown Phenom.” Not only does he get to fight in his preferred weight class for more money, but he’s taking a step back in competition vs. Sanchez, who hasn’t convincingly won a fight in quite a while.

After that bout, however, some of those aforementioned badass Russian fighters are likely next for Lee.


“That’s why your hair receding, your brain is toxic.” Mike Perry is over in BKFC outwitting his opponents verbally, proving this was the correct move for “Platinum.”

Robert Whittaker appreciation post:

People on Twitter are freaking out about this clip, so I feel the need to inform that this is rather mild and quite controlled for gym sparring. They’re staying in the pocket and trading in the first clip, but clearly punches are being pulled.

Based on this announcement, Ilia Topuria is moving up to Lightweight after his botched weight cut at UFC 270.

Jessica Rose-Clark with a small Harley Quinn homage:

Shoutout all the mitt holders in combat sports, it’s not an easy gig.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a kneebar from turtle! Older reference at this point, but does anyone remember Carlos Eduardo Rocha? Dude went for this move every single fight!

Lomachenko highlights are endlessly rewatchable.

This is a pretty sweet leg lock entry and finish.

Random Land

Centrifugal force!

Midnight Music: Shoutout MMAmaniac Liddell’s Mohawk on the tip for Big Krit’s newest album. Krit has been dropping quality Southern Hip-Hop for many years now!

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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