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Unlike novice ‘rat bags,’ buttery Conor McGregor has ‘the best ground-and-pound’ in UFC

Not since Khamzat Chimaev desecrated the Sunday comics have we seen such violent ground-and-pound.

Conor McGregor is back on the bottle.

The bottle of cocoa caramel tanning butter, that is, which is expected to leave “Notorious” with “caramel butter skin” as he prepares for “yacht season” on his fancy new boat. Perhaps it’s the fumes from his sunblock that has him talking crazy?

“I’ve the best ground-and-pound in the game,” McGregor, 33, wrote on Instagram. “My highest percentage of finishes does not actually come from my standing horizontal back hand, like most assume. My highest percentage of finishing wins actually come from the accuracy of my vertical punching (you are all novices vertical striking. Arm hitters. Ask ref to stop it hitters. Fall over on yourself hitters). I don’t miss g’n’p. I do not hit arms. I do not fall in. I hit soft face, head and skull.”

I’m not sure what performances McGregor is talking about but it’s worth pointing out that “Notorious” has now dropped three of his last four and got finished in all three losses. Perhaps he’s referring to his welterweight victory over Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, where McGregor landed 13 of 16 ground strikes.

“It’s how you’ve seen people versus me absolutely cut up,” McGregor continued. “Looking like they’ve just got a bang of a few golf balls off the tee of a driving range. Skin fully opened. Yet me, skin like butter. Many times I’ve not even messed up my hair. That’s why a lot of these rat bags like to hate. I’m smooth like butter with it. The richest, the baddest, the most unscathed. Anyways rat bags, It’s almost yacht season, or as I like to call it, caramel butter skin season.”

McGregor is expected to return from a broken leg injury at the end of the year.

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