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Video: Watch Kevin Holland suit up, destroy internet troll who called him ‘Derek Brunson’

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Kevin Holland is taking out the trash.

The UFC welterweight invited yet another troll to his local gym to get a taste of the “Trail Blazer” justice, this time laying waste to an undersized (and under skilled) softie who blocks body kicks with his ribs, straight out of the 80’s martial arts goon playbook.

A small price to pay for comparing Holland to UFC middleweight Derek Brunson.

“Honestly I liked this troll way more,” Holland wrote on Instagram. “So this guy at the meet and greet called me Brunson ... later he got an autograph. Next day he got the pleasure of being troll number No. 2. Two down, way too many to go. I’m gonna start needing help. Full video will go up on my Only Fans. Dude ended up being respectful so yes I respect him for showing up.”

Holland previously crushed an Internet troll back in January (see it here).

I know it’s fun to pound on dopey fans who want their 15 minutes but Holland may be playing a dangerous game — even with a signed waiver. The last thing anyone wants to see is some schlub off the street leave injured — or worse — trying to get Instagram famous.

“Trail Blazer” makes his Octagon return against Alex Oliveira at UFC 272 in March.

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