Joben v Pakebrah rolling bet 2022 (December - with a twist).

With just two events remaining on the 2022 UFC calendar, and Pakebrah up by 1, leading 7-6 since the marathonesque wager began, how does the year end for this battle between the OG punter from another munter, and the foul-mouthed Kiwi from an Aussie iwi?

Losing the last wager by way of Mr Karate arse-kicking mastery, it is Pake's choice for the UFC 282 LHW title fight between Jiri Prochazka and Glover Teixeira Jan Blachowicz and Magomed Ankalaev (MMA spready-to-the-gods shitfuckery at its finest)!

Before we cross to Pake for his pick, let's look at the potential outcomes for this mammoth 15-card wager:

1. Pake wins 9-6 with a sweet double to finish strong.

2. Joben takes it at a canter, winning 8-7 after a 3-fight streak to take it at the post.

3. Pake wins 8-7, the fiscal warriors splitting the remainder one apiece.

Given the potential windfall for one keyboard king over 15 fights at USD30 a fight was $450 (or 12 billion New Zealand dollarydoos), the fact that the 3 remaining outcomes result in a $30 win for either Maniac or at most $90 in favour of the Antipodean, it's been a fun battle to beer-hold.

Ok, now down to the pick for the penultimate card....

Pakebrah: Well, my first thought is to go with the Wizard of Warsaw, the purveyor of Polish Power himself, Jan the Marn.

However, when you look at current champions, it seems foolish to bet against those who have the letter 'V' in their name, with 4 of the 10 or 11 (if you count Nunes twice) champs in that category.

So, in an attempt to avoid the foolishness of fate, the choice is made: Ankalaev for the win.

Now, here it gets a little interesting, because Pakebrah, newly-labeled unemployed bum, will be deep in the Fiordland wilderness on the Dusky Track when this card occurs, far from the reaches of the interwebs.

Therefore, he will have zero clue as to the outcomes of ANY fights at UFC 282, although MAY (if it arrives on time) have a Zoleo, which would allow satellite emails. Whilst normally for emergency purposes (eg stuck in a cliff and really adverse to the idea of severing one's own limb), providing a pick for the final card of the year should Ankalaev lose just may qualify as emergency messaging.

At any rate, the current pick is in: Ankalaev for the win. Particulars of picking the final fight to follow....

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