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Bellator MMA vs RIZIN results: Live streaming play-by-play updates and results

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Bellator MMA and RIZIN are set to stage a historic event early tomorrow (Sat., Dec. 31, 2022) from inside the famed Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan which will feature five of best fighters the promotion has to offer square off against one another. Headlining the event will be A.J. McKee taking on RIZIN Lightweight champion, Roberto de Souza, in a non-title fight. In further action, RIZIN Featherweight champion will take on current Bellator MMA 145-pound king, Patricio Pitbull.

The event, which begins with RIZIN 40, will air live at 12 a.m. ET on Sat. (Dec. 31, 2022) on pay-per-view (PPV) on FITE. The main card of “RIZIN vs Bellator MMA,” however, will only be shown in select countries (excluding the US), and is set to begin at 5 a.m. ET. The taped version of the event will air on Showtime later that night at 8 p.m. ET.

Feel free to leave a comment (or several) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show — it’s always a lot of fun!

Bellator MMA vs RIZIN Quick Results:

155 lbs.: A.J. McKee vs. Champion Roberto de Souza - McKee via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Champion Patricio Pitbull vs. Champion Kleber Koike - Pitbull via unanimous decision
125 lbs.: Kyoji Horiguchi vs. Hiromasa Ougikubo - Horiguchi via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Juan Archuleta vs. Soo Chul Kim - Archuleta via split-decision
155 lbs.: Gadzhi Rabadanov vs. Koji Takeda - Rabadanov via unanimous decision


108 lbs.: Seika Izawa vs. Si Woo Park - Izawa via split-decision
135 lbs.: Naoki Inoue vs. Kenta Takizawa - Inoue via second-round submission (armbar)
265 lbs.: Tsuyoshi Sudario vs. Junior Tafa - Tafa via first-round knockout, punches
125 lbs.: John Dodson vs. Hideo Tokoro - Dodson via first-round knockout, punches — HIGHLIGHTS
135 lbs.: Genji Umeno vs Ren Hiramoto (boxing match) - Hiramoto via second round knockout, punch
135 lbs.: Yuki Motoya vs. Rogério Bontorin - Motoya via second-round knockout, flying knee
155 lbs.: Johnny Case vs. Luiz Gustavo - Case via first-round knockout, punches
145 lbs.: Chihiro Suzuki vs. Yoshiki Nakahara - Suzuki via first-round knockout, punch
155 lbs.: BeyNoah vs. Sho Patrick Usami - Usami via first-round knockout, punch
135 lbs.: Tatsuya Nakazawa vs Yushi Sakura- Yushi via unanimous decision

Bellator MMA vs RIZIN Play-By-Play:

155 lbs.: A.J. McKee vs. Champion Roberto de Souza

Round 1: McKee fires off a high kick, followed by a spinning side kick. de Souza dives in and pulls guard. McKee postures up and drops down a right hammer. de Souza looking for a triangle choke buy McKee escapes. McKee drags de Souza to the corner and is trying to deliver some ground-and-pound but the ropes are in the way. de Souza hanging on to a leg. McKee now in full guard. de Souza attacking a leg and he slaps in a triangle. McKee defending well at the moment. de Souza now attacking a leg, looking for a submission. McKee holding his position and delivers some elbows from the top position. de Souza attempts a triangle again, no-go. Jason Herzog re-positions them in the middle of the ring, much to the chagrin of McKee. McKee attempts a head stomp to close out the round. 10-9 McKee

Round 2: Spinning kick attempt from McKee misses everything. McKee lands a right hand and de Souza lands a nice left hand and McKee attempts a jumping knee. Action picking up here. de Souza dives in with a one-two that tags McKee. de Souza is the aggressor now and lands a head kick. McKee with a flying sidekick and de Souza takes his back. Looking for a rear-naked choke. de Souza in great position as he locks in the body triangle. McKee fighting the hands, playing defense as de Souza is persistent looking for the rear-naked choke. McKee tries to explode and he is out of danger. McKee with a huge stomp to the head, follows it up with a foot stomp to the belly and you can tell McKee enjoys this aspect of the rules. McKee lets his foe up with 10 seconds to go in the super-tight round. 10-9 de Souza

Round 3: Both men come out swinging heavy leather in the opening seconds of the final round. de Souza once again pulls guard and McKee has a d’arce choke in, he let’s it go. Back to the feet and de Souza takes McKee down once more. de Souza looking for a guillotine choke. He may have it. Nice defense by McKee as he gets back up to his feet. Three minutes remaining and both men are spent. They exchange kicks and McKee lands a left hand and they are trading punches as McKee turns his back and walks away. de Souza shoots and McKee sprawls. McKee now attempting the guillotine but de Souza escapes and he is now in top position. Not a great position for McKee in the final 90 seconds of the fight. de Souza working an head-arm choke. McKee fighting hard to get out and he gives up his back. de Souza hanging n McKees back looking for a rear-naked choke with one minute remaining. This is a great position for de Souza as the clock winds down. de Souza has a rear-naked choke but McKee will survive. 10-9 de Souza

Final result: McKee def. de Souza via unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Champion Patricio Pitbull vs. Champion Kleber Koike

Round 1: Front kick to start things off for Koike. Koike shoots in for a takedown and Pitbull evades. One-two from Pitbull is blocked. Koike letting his kicks fly early and often. Pitbull lands a solid right hand. Pitbull grabs a hold of Koike and just throws him effortlessly to the ground, what strength. Koike back to his feet. Three straight kicks to the body from Koike and Pitbull leaps in with a shot to the body. Pitbull being very patient here. Inside leg kick for the Bellator champion. Koike fires off a left hook followed by a right kick to the body. Low blow from Koike. Action resumes after a brief pause. Koike with a nice judo throw but his momentum pushes him too far over Pitbull, who manages to get back to his feet as the round comes to an end. Close round. 10-9 Pitbull

Round 2: A tentative start from both men to open the second round. Pitbull fires off a thunderous leg kick. Koike eats it and he tempts Pitbull to get closer. Jab from Pitbull as Koike returns fire with a front kick to the midsection. Both men being very patient in the second frame. Inside leg kick from Koike, Pitbull fires back one of his own. Big left hook misses for Pitbull, Koike lands a right hand straight down the pipe. Kick to the body from Koike and Pitbull fires off a three-punch combo. Inside leg kick from Pitbull, Koike fires back a front push-kick. Not a ton of action that round. 10-9 Pitbull

Round 3: Solid punch to the body from Pitbull. Koike grabs a hold of Pitbull and he pulls guard, much to the delight of the crowd. Pitbull escapes and is now kicking the legs of Koike, who is flat on his back. Jason Herzog finally decides to stand it up after a bout a minute of the same. Kike is now pushing the pace. Pitbull lands a nice jab and Koike gets a hold of him. Koike gets the takedown and is now in top position and starts unloading some ground and pound, but Pitbull gets up quickly before taking any major punishment. They scramble on the feet and Koike pulls guard once again. Hammer fists from the bottom for Koike. One minute remaining in the fight. Pitbull gets up and Herzog brings Koike up, as well. High kick misses from Koike as the fight comes to an end. 10-9 Pitbull

Final result: Pitbull def. Koike via unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Kyoji Horiguchi vs. Hiromasa Ougikubo

Round 1: Horiguchi with an inside leg kick and Ougikubo comes darting in with a wild right hand, Horiguchi ducks under it. Horiguchi whiffs on a right bomb and Ougikubo manages to take his back and escorts him to the corner. Horiguchi reverses position. Working the knees on the right leg, softening up the limbs. Ougikubo has had enough of that and he now reverses position and starts throwing some knees of his own. They separate. Three straight jabs from Horiguchi followed by a right hand that misses. 90 seconds remaining the opening round. Horiguchi shoots for a takedown, defended well by Ougikubo. Back-to-back knees to the midsection land for Horiguchi. Ougikubo throws a right hand and eats a let kick that drops him. He gets up and Horiguchi drops him again with a right hand and swarms in on him. Intense ground-and-pound from Horiguchi, trying to land strikes through the ropes as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Horiguchi.

Round 2: Horiguchi comes out aggressive and he clinches right away. Takes his foes back again and pushes him to the corner. Horiguchi working the back of the legs now with one knee after another, driving it right into the meat. Horiguchi picks up Ougikubo and dumps him to the canvas. He takes his back with one hook in. A stalemate on the ground, Ougikubo looking for an escape while Horiguchi hanging on as tight as he can, not doing much with the position at the moment. They scramble and Horiguchi lands in top position. They scramble again and Horiguchi once again takes the back, looking for a rear-naked choke. Ougikubo reverses position and he is now in Horiguchi’s guard. Great transitions from both men here in the second round. Not a ton of action on the ground with 30 seconds to go in the second round. Close round. 10-9 Ougikubo

Round 3: Horiguchi drops Ougikubo with a nasty left hook in the opening seconds of the final round. Horiguchi jumps into his guard and is looking for a head-arm choke. Ougikubo defending well. Great start from Horiguchi. Scrambling on the ground and Ougikubo gets to his feet momentarily. A fight for position and Horiguchi is once again in guard. Horiguchi content with holding on to this position at the moment. Ougikubo looking for a way out but no-go with two minutes remaining in the contest. They get back to the feet and Ougikubo eats a right hand for his troubles, then a big knee to the head and he is now bleeding as a result. Back to the feet, Horiguchi takes his back and takes him down as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Horiguchi

Final result: Horiguchi def. Ougikubo via unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Juan Archuleta vs. Soo Chul Kim

Round 1: Archuleta lands a right hook and Kim goes in for the takedown. Archuleta uses his momentum to take him down. Kim back up to his feet and lands a right hand. Kim sinks in a standing guillotine choke and it is tight. Archuleta defending as they go to the canvas. Archuleta escapes and is now in guard. Kim lands a solid elbow to the top of the head, Archuleta fires back with an elbow if his own. Can opener from Archuleta. Kim scrambling to get up, and he manages to do it. Archuleta with knees to the inside thigh. A stalemate at the moment against the corner. Action has slowed just a tad after a fast start. Kim bleeding from his nose. Archuleta lands a left hook, not too powerful. Kim lands a left hand and Archuleta fires back with a straight right. Kim throws a kick and Archuleta grabs it, and takes him back down and takes his back up against the corner. Kim reverses position and he manages to separate as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Archuleta

Round 2: Kim comes out firing with a two-punch combo. Archuleta shoots for a takedown and he gets it early. Archuleta is now in guard. Jason Herzog moves them away from the ropes. Archuleta working the body with shots to the ribs, Kim throwing some elbows to the top of “The Spaniard’s” head and he manages to get back to his feet. Archuleta scores yet another takedown and is looking to sink in the hooks. Archuleta lands two huge elbows to Kim’s jaw as they get back to the feet. Kim lands another big inside leg kick but Archuleta manages to take him down one more time. Archuleta putting on a wrestling clinic. Kim throwing some rabbit punches to the side of Archuleta’s head, not doing much damage. Archuleta is right in front of his corner, getting advice that can be heard all across the arena it’s so quiet. Archuleta throws a huge right hand that barely misses its mark. 10-9 Archuleta

Round 3: They hug in the center of the cage. Kim coming out aggressive again, stalking his prey. Kim lands a huge body shot and he is looking for another guillotine and is now in half guard. They get back to the feet. Three minutes remaining in the fight, Kim needs a finish. Archuleta circling to the outside, Kim lands a low blow but they keep going. Kim lands a right hand and is now taunting Archuleta. They exchange in the middle of the ring, nothing of note lands. Archuleta with a jumping knee barely grazes the chin. Archuleta looking for another takedown, Kim defending well for now. Kim has a Ninja choke in. It’s tight! Archuelta fighting and he gets out of it. Archuleta ends the round with a jumping knee. 10-9 Kim

Final result: Archuleta def. Kim via split-decision

155 lbs.: Gadzhi Rabadanov vs. Koji Takeda

Round 1: Rabadanov with an inside leg kick to start things off. Nice left hook, then a blitz from Takeda. Rabadanov evades. Overhand right from Takeda, wo left hooks in return from Rabadanov. Nice inside leg kick from Takeda hits its mark. Rabadanov drops Takeda with a huge right hand! He gets up but Rabadanov drops him again and Takeda is on wobbly legs. He falls but gets back up and Rabadanov is piling on the pressure. Another huge right land and Takeda is in trouble. They clinch and Takeda is trying to recover. He seems to have recovered with a minute remaining in the opening round. Rabadanov takes his foot off the gas pedal. Rabadanov tags his foe with another right hand. He swarms and he lands a right hook that stuns Takeda as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Rabadanov

Round 2: Front kick to start the second round from Rabadanov. They scramble and Takeda tags Rabadanov with a right hand down the middle. The clinch against the corner, Rabadanov with the better position. Takeda reverses position and is trying hard for a takedown. Knees to the mid-section from Rabadanov. They separate. Inside leg kick from Takeda, and Rabadanov fires back with a left hook. Takeda feinting a bit, lands a right hand. Takeda lands two right hands and Rabadanov is cut above his left eye. Three-punch combo lands for Rabadanov. Takeda putting on the pressure and Rabadanov lands a takedown, but Takeda gets back up quickly. Nice right hand lands for Takeda and Rabadanov clinches. 10-9 Takeda

Round 3: Rabadanov comes out aggressive and is throwing major heat. Takeda staying in the pocket. Rabadanov clinches and pushes his foe against the corner, working the knees to the thigh. Rabadanov gets a takedown and won’t let Takeda up too easy this time. Takeda attacking a kimura. He let’s it go. Rabadanov gets both hooks in. Takeda scrambling and he rolls out of it. Magnificent. Takeda is now trying to take Rabadanov’s back. They are back up to the feet, clinched against the ropes. Rabadanov eying another takedown but Takeda is strong with his defense. Rabadanov attempts a takedown and Takeda with a Chuck Liddell-type sprawl to prevent it. Takeda lands a knee to the top of Rabadanov’s head. Rabadanov goes in for another takedown but he can’t get it. Rabadanov once again clinches and now has Takeda’s back and is firing off knees to the thighs. They separate with 30 seconds left in the fight. Rabadanov fires off a kick and Takeda falls to the canvas. Rabadanov follows and lands some ground-and-pound to end the fight. 10-9 Rabadanov

Final result: Rabadanov def. Takeda via unanimous decision

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