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Jake Paul fires shot at Dana White over UFC betting scandal: ‘Ironic isn’t it’

Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

This growing Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) betting scandal is slowly snowballing into a massive avalanche for the promotion, which only creates larger avenues for haters and naysayers to try to drag the combat organization through the mud.

This includes social media star and professional boxer, Jake Paul, who has publicly feuded with UFC president, Dana White, over the past two years mostly about fighter pay and the legitimacy of Paul’s boxing matches. So when an opportunity presented itself to rub dirt in White’s face over the ongoing fallout from UFC Vegas 64’s wagering controversy Paul wasted little time hitting the Twitter timeline.

On Friday, Paul took to social media to throw shade at White and company after learning that the Ontario Gaming Commission will be banning all UFC bets for the time being. Little did Paul know that the Alberta Gaming Commission would soon follow suit, along with an eventual suspension of MMA head coach James Krause and any fighter who remains associated with him. It was Paul’s chance to pour gasoline on a burning inferno while defending the legitimacy of his own crusades, including a 2021 knockout win over former UFC fighter Ben Askren.

“Remember when Dana White and UFC fighters like Colby Cunnington tried to claim my Askren KO was rigged…Ironic isn’t it that the Ontario Gaming Commission believe UFC insiders are rigging fights,” wrote Paul.

While investigations remain ongoing and more details are sure to surface, the aftermath of UFC Vegas 64’s betting fiasco is already being felt. UFC has been forced to changed its code of conduct while territories in Canada are already suspending UFC betting as a whole. More commissions are likely to follow as the combat world tries to figure out what happened just one month ago.

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