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Midnight Mania! Gervonta Davis denies abuse allegations in since-deleted post: ‘I’m not a monster’

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Gervonta Davis v Rolando Romero Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

On Tuesday, undefeated professional boxer and WBA Lightweight champion Gervonta Davis was charged with battery causing bodily harm and arrested in Parkland, Florida. He allegedly struck a woman on the right side of her head, causing some damage to her right lip.

ESPN obtained audio of the 911 call, in which the woman could be heard saying, “Please help me; I need help, please. I’m trying to go home, I have a baby in the car and attacked me ... He’s going to kill me.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Davis posted $1,000 bail. He then went on Instagram to release a statement, though the post was quickly deleted. In his post, he strongly denies putting his hands on anyone, and mantains that he is not the monster in this situation.

“Do no let these people misguide you all on this bulls—t. This was just yesterday moments before me and my child mother had (an) argument! Watching frozen with my oldest daughter. I never put my hands on my child mother nor my f—kig daughter are you f—king crazy, I’m not a monster. I been quiet for too long,” Davis wrote (h/t Cole Shelton). “I don’t have media team, PR, good lawyer spokesman, nothing off that. That’s the only reason I’m doing this now! Just to clear my name! I been doing s—t on my own since I started this s—t. These people done put out so much stuff aired this everywhere and have a f—king helicopter flying over my house now as I write this becuz they look at this s—t as money to them and trying to get as much money as possible.

“They rush to my child mother offering her 50k just to pressure charges. Like they did with my first child mother, so bad they couldn’t get her so they got a lady they calmed she was into the mess also a lady that known for her suing people for money reason. They got her! Which I have to pay 300k to and I didn’t lay a finger on her or even know what this lady looks like! They doing this for money to and also to destroy me! I am not a monster, I have two beautiful daughters that have to grow up someday and see this bulls—t! They post this bulls—t worldwide before anything. They even post a snippet of the police call which my child mother was crying on becuz I wouldn’t give her my truck! SHADEROOM, goospinthecity itonsite and the rest of the internet bogs. Y’all don’t care if it true or false. He did or didn’t. Y’all just want to put it out there becuz it’s beneficial to y’all businesses,” Davis concluded.

Currently, Davis is scheduled to headline a Jan. 7, 2023, Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) event in Washington D.C. against Hector Luis Garcia. If victorious, Davis is expected to square off vs. Ryan Garcia in a very high-profile bout that has been discussed for quite some time. This is not Davis’ first issue with the law, but it remains to be seen if either of those boxing matches are delayed or canceled as a result of this latest charge.


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