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Video: Moat fighter slammed into foggy oblivion during wild Japanese MMA event

Marcus Aurelio sent Hidenori Ebata into foggy oblivion at the Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye x Ganryujima event on Wednesday night in Tokyo, Japan, a scene not unlike the end of Superman II, when Zod, Ursa and Non all met their doom by way of gravitational mist.

I know it was instinctual but Ebata is fortunate he didn’t suffer the same injury as Mauricio Rua, who posted his arm in a similar position when Mark Coleman drove him into the canvas at PRIDE 31 from the Saitama Super Arena back in February of 2006.

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen a moat in combat sports and it never fails to present a striking visual. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if UFC had gone forward with its original idea to have a moat with killer crocs.

I’m sure somewhere in Russia those crazy promoters are still working on it.

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