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Super swole Donald Cerrone responds to steroid accusations, won’t needle up ‘behind the corner gas station’

Former UFC lightweight contender Donald Cerrone resurfaced post-retirement looking bigger and stronger than his competition days (see the photo here), leading some MMA fans to speculate that “Cowboy” was on the “Liver King” diet (without any of the liver).

Cerrone is here to set the record straight.

“I told y’all when I retired I was gonna go swoll nation, and it’s not steroids from your uncle Bob slingin’ em behind the corner gas station,” the 39 year-old Cerrone wrote on Instagram. “I looked at TONS of companies and found literally the best one.”

“Based off of your blood work they figure out where the gaps in your health are and use supplements, peptides and hormone replacement therapy to fill in the places you’re deficient,” Cerrone continued. “It’s not just about the gains though. Their ‘limitless pill’ for your brain health is top notch and their joint recovery supplements are better than anything else I’ve ever tried.”

That would suggest he’s tried quite a bit.

“I was just literally yesterday in Vegas, I was telling everybody like I understand why steroids are illegal now that I’m injecting them into my body,” Cerrone told Calabasas Fight Companion podcast. “I feel like I’m f—king 20 again. The training would never stop. You could just literally train as hard as you wanted to, wake up the next day recovered and fresh.”

So the lesson here is steroids are okay — so long as you don’t buy them from a truck stop.

Remember the old days when those clueless trainers wanted us to exercise, eat right, and get a good night’s sleep? So glad I never listened to those DUMMIES. Now I can just take a pill with no limits and casually replace my faulty hormones via random Zoom physicians.

Thanks Cowboy!

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