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UFC hall of famer Forrest Griffin joins Power Slap fighting league

Forrest Griffin is a catcher.

Head catcher, to be exact, hooking up with Dana White’s Power Slap league to help prevent unconscious combatants from hitting the floor — cranium first — after somebody slaps the sh*t out of them.

UFC also has a head catcher, it’s called “the canvas.”

“It seems like a pretty interesting gig, right? Also I get the best seat in the house,” Griffin said. “Honestly, I’m pretty good at catching injured people. I’m kinda doing it for research purposes, I’m interested to see the different types of impacts and what happens.”

“That double impact,” Griffin continued. “You’ve taken the first trauma and when your head hits the ground, bang bang, both sides of your brain actually bounce against your skull. We want to prevent that and make it just the initial impact and have that be what causes you or not causes you to win or lose the competition.”

Safety fourth!

Power Slap will debut Weds., Jan. 11, at 10 p.m. ET on TBS.

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