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Meaty Joe Rogan crowned ‘new Liver King’ following carnivorous Christmas

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan celebrated Christmas with a “wild game Christmas feast” that included elk and Nilgai (antelope), along with some heart chunks — because nothing edible should go to waste when you slaughter wild game.

The bloody display led some fans to draw a less-than-flattering comparison.

I’m telling my kids this is the real Liver King.

Annnddd NEW Liver King Champion of the World!!!

Keep eating like that and you’re going to look like the Liver King in no time buddy.

Liver King Out!

Fit for a Liver King jk

Rogan has been one of many outspoken critics of the social media personality known as “Liver King,” who was recently trampled by hordes of online mobs after lying about his steroid use.

“He wants everybody that’s depressed and trying to kill themselves to reach their highest most dominant form but he wanted to lie about how he achieved his physique,” Rogan said on a recent podcast. “So mislead these people that just by eating liver, you can come close to that, so as you fail at that as well, it’s everything else you failed in life that led you to the point of doing something to yourself that you’re thinking about committing suicide.”

Rogan is also an avid hunter, which led to this emotional interview.

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