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Merry Christmas from!

Annual Santacon Bar Crawl Takes Place Around Manhattan Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Merry Christmas!

A big thanks to our readers for once again making the most entertaining destination for UFC and MMA news and discussion. We’ve got some big things in the works for 2023 and I’m excited to share our next chapter with you — but let’s not waste today by thinking about tomorrow.

Especially with a roast beast crusting in the oven.

This year’s holiday dinner will be a salt-crusted standing rib roast, bone in (duh), along with homemade baked mac & cheese for the kids and some garlic mashed. I usually fire up a batch of buttery sweet corn to go with it but just last week a rogue kernel nearly killed someone close to me (seriously).

Long story for another post.

I don’t live too far from a local farm that does small batches of holiday egg nog so I’ll have an excuse to pick up another bottle of Southern Comfort. I’d love to hear what, as the southerns say, “y’all” are making or baking (or even faking) for Christmas dinner and if you don’t celebrate on Dec. 25, then tell us your favorite meal from your next (or most recent) holiday.

Consider this an open thread to talk about ... well, whatever you want.

Just be sure to keep it PG-13 (and under) so we don’t have our resident Grinch putting you on the naughty list before you get a chance to cross the 2022 finish line.

Happy holidays, Maniacs.

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