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Michael Bisping’s son trolls him with one-eyed gingerbread man

Michael Bisping’s Twitter

Damn, son.

Christmas is usually a time for love, family, joy and making memories. However, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight kingpin, Michael Bisping, is getting trolled by his son.

Bisping shared the clip of the troll job on his Twitter, writing, “No eyes? Thanks Lucas”

In the clip shared on Twitter, the former champion’s youngest son, Lucas, made a bunch of gingerbread cookies, but a couple of them were actually his dad.

“Alright, Lucas, I know you’re doing gingerbread men, but what are these? Are these like - he has one leg, this guy’s got one arm, this guy’s got no head! What are these? Disabled gingerbread men?” Bisping asked.

His son responded, “Yes, and I made a one-eyed one that looks like you. And this [gingerbread man with no eyes] is you if you continue fighting.”

Can we all agree that was a 10-8 from Lucas?

Bisping infamously fought the latter half of his UFC career with one eye, even capturing the 185-pound crown when he knocked out Luke Rockhold (watch highlights).

Hopefully, “The Count” can recover from the severe burn from his youngest son.

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