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Pic: Donald Cerrone looks incredibly jacked following UFC departure

MMA: JUL 02 UFC 276 Photo by Alejandro Salazar/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Donald Cerrone has seemingly used the last six months to turn his body into a wrecking machine even though he’s no longer fighting.

The fighter known as “Cowboy” finally parted ways with UFC this past July after going winless for the seventh-straight time. Cerrone was submitted by Jim Miller at UFC 276 and announced his retirement in the cage immediately after defeat. It put an end to one of the greatest UFC careers of all time. Despite never winning a UFC title, Cerrone is top three in almost every relevant statistical category in Octagon history.

With more time to kill these days “Cowboy” has not only dove deep into a career in Hollywood, but the former UFC fighter has built his body back up into a muscle-bound machine. Earlier this week, Cerrone posted some training photos to Instagram showing off his jacked body. Not sure if we’ve ever seen the MMA veteran look this big. Check it out below:

“Hello Darkness My Old Friend!”

As expected, fight fans were surprised to see Cerrone looking this big. Some of the comments were downright hilarious. Check them out below:

“What’s wrong with your arms?!? You having some kind of allergic reaction?”

“Cowboy, you accidentally grab McGregors water bottle?”

“Damn son, jacked.”

“Liver King OUT!”

“Usada has left the chat”

Cerrone, 39, left UFC nearly six months ago after an 11-year tenure with the promotion (15 years if you count his WEC days). He will go down as one of the best fighters of all time to never win a UFC title and one of the greatest fan favorites ever. It’s unknown at this time if “Cowboy” has the desire to fight again, but he’s clearly in good physical shape to do so.

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