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New Netflix movies include UFC fighter’s grandparents who were abducted by aliens

Let’s hope producers splurge for that Georges St-Pierre cameo.

BAKER, CA - JANUARY 16, 2014: Luis Ramallo, owner of Alien Fresh Jerky store, sits with the aliens i Photo by Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Netflix is bringing viewers White Mountains, the alien abduction story made famous by Betty and Barney Hill back in 1961. The feature film will be produced by Barack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Productions with a script from Becky Leigh and Mario Kyprianou (of The Republic of Rick fame). What does that have to do with UFC or MMA?

Betty and Barney Hill are the grandparents of longtime UFC strawweight Angela Hill.

“They were driving and they lost time,” the former Ultimate Fighter contestant told The Hard Times Podcast. “They got abducted and they didn’t remember what had happened, but they started having similar nightmares. And they ended up getting hypnotized, which was big back then, to recall what happened during those six or seven hours. And it turns out they had identical stories of seeing a light in the sky and a spaceship dropping down in front of them stopping the car, pulling them out of the car and performing all these experiments on them, and putting them back in. So yeah, they got Men in Black’d.”

The story sounds similar to the Travis Walton (Fire in the Sky) abduction in 1975.

The combat sports world is no stranger to extraterrestrial tales (or subsequent movies) from some of the biggest names in the business, including Georges St-Pierre and Diego Sanchez. Skeptics have been quick to blame CTE for the paranormal experiences but even some of the industry’s top managers are starting to believe in little green men.

One international fighter went so far as to carve himself up to look like an alien.

“When I was in art school I did a whole documentary about it,” Hill continued. “I went to Philly where all my dad’s family is and talked to all the close relatives about my grandfather. They kind of recall when it happened, they all believe it. My other grandmother’s the only one who’s like ‘Him and that witch are crazy.’”

Some say crazy, others say out of their f—king mind.

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