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Nate Diaz fires back at Conor McGregor over Power Slap diss: ‘I already beat you at that game’

A back-and-forth spat between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz on Twitter ended in a 10-9 win for the Stockton slapper.

UFC 196: McGregor v Diaz Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

It was another busy day of tweeting for Conor McGregor on Sunday December 18th as the Irish sports star spent his time at the Black Forge Inn celebrating the World Cup final between Argentina and France. But before he populated his feed with photos of revelers from the pub and random pony talk, he started out the early morning with some chatter about Dana White’s Power Slap League and Nate Diaz.

“This power slap championships is growing on me,” McGregor wrote. “Who doesn’t like watching good quality clatters hahaha”

“Is it a flip of a coin who gets to go first? How long do they have to recover before they get to throw their counter? Or is it over if they’re ko’d? Fascinating. I’m attending one of these 100%. Is this Dana’s ? Wtf is this madness Dana hahaha. I’m in.”

“Me Vs Nate on it for the title hahahaha,” McGregor suggested. “Maybe that’s a title you’d have a better chance of coming close to winning Nate you little slapper hahahaha.”

He then retweeted an infamous clip where he verbally dismantled a disgruntled and disinterested Nate Diaz on CNBC.

Later on Sunday, Diaz took note of McGregor’s trash talk and responded.

“I already beat you at that game too,” he wrote with a slap emoji, sharing a clip from their first fight where he caught Conor upside the head with an open handed cuff. A second video from that first fight showed Diaz wobbling McGregor on the feet and then submitting him. “If submissions weren’t allowed I knocked you out way faster than Floyd did.”

“But was Real. So I choked you better and faster than Kabob did,” Diaz finished. “Boom roasted.”

“Got you back with concussions. Real smacks,” McGregor replied.

“I telling you bro I been milling people your shape and size and bad,” he added. “But gonna be a knock no doubt. I not sure I give a rats fully but I gonna go sprint until I can’t sprint no more in the 3rd fight I don’t care. Opening bell the absolute most power I have on me. Until we’ll see.”

With Diaz now a free agent outside of the UFC, a third fight against McGregor won’t be happening any time soon. It’s good to hear, though, that both men aren’t interested in finishing their careers without settling the 1-1 score.

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