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UFC Vegas 66 live stream results, play-by-play updates | Cannonier vs. Strickland

MMA: DEC 16 UFC Vegas 66 Photo by Amy Kaplan/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to its APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, TONIGHT (Sat., Dec. 17, 2022) with its final event of the year, featuring a 185-pound showdown between two top-ranked contenders — Jared Cannonier (No. 3) vs. Sean Strickland (No. 7) — both of whom are eager to jump back into the Middleweight title chase. In UFC Vegas 66’s co-main event, rising Lightweight contenders — Arman Tsarukyan (No. 9) and Damir Ismagulov (No. 12) — lock horns in a meaningful 155-pound collision. Elsewhere on the card, all-action Lightweight veterans, Drew Dober and Bobby Green, will also throw down, as well David Dvorak and Manel Kape, a sure-fire Flyweight banger. All that and so much more as UFC wraps a ribbon around its 2022 face-punching season on ESPN+.

LIVE! Stream UFC San Antonio On ESPN+

BLOCKBUSTER BANTAMWEIGHT CONTENDERS’ BOUT! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) departs APEX for a special “Fight Night” extravaganza at AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, on Sat., March 25, 2023, featuring a pair of thrilling 135-pound bouts. Surging No. 4-ranked contender Marlon Vera goes for his fifth consecutive win when he takes on exciting finisher and No. 5-seeded Cory Sandhagen. In UFC San Antonio’s ESPN+-streamed co-main event, former women’s 135-pound champion and current No. 3-ranked Holly Holm battles Yana Santos (No. 4).

Don’t miss a single second of face-punching action! will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Vegas 66 fight card below, starting with the ESPN+ “Prelims” undercard bouts at 4 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN+ main card start time at 7 p.m. ET. Bet on all the UFC Vegas 66 action with our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook right here.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Cannonier vs. Strickland” Without further delay, see below for the updated UFC Vegas 66 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action).


185 lbs.: Jared Cannonier vs. Sean Strickland — Cannonier def. Strickland by split decision (49-46, 46-49, 49-46)
155 lbs.: Damir Ismagulov vs. Arman Tsarukyan — Tsarukyan def. Ismagulov by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
125 lbs.: Amir Albazi vs. Alessandro Costa — Albazi def. Costa by KO (punches) at 2:13 of Round Three
145 lbs.: Alex Caceres vs. Julian Erosa — Caceres def. Erosa by KO (head kick and punches) at 3:04 of Round One
155 lbs.: Drew Dober vs. Bobby Green — Dober def. Green by KO (punch) at 2:45 of Round Two
185 lbs.: Michal Oleksiejczuk vs. Cody Brundage — Oleksiejczu def. Brundage by TKO (punches) at 3:16 of Round One
115 lbs.: Cory McKenna vs Cheyanne Vlismas — McKenna def. Vlismas by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
170 lbs.: Jake Matthews vs. Matt Semelsberger — Semelsberger def. Matthews by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
135 lbs.: Saidyokub Kakhramonov vs. Said Nurmagomedov — Nurmagomedov def. Kakhramonov by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:49 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
155 lbs.: Rafa Garcia vs. Hayisaer Maheshate — Garcia def. Maheshate by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
170 lbs.: Rinat Fakhretdinov vs. Bryan Battle — Fakhretdinov def. Battle by unanimous decision (30-25 x2, 30-27)
125 lbs.: David Dvorak vs. Manel Kape — Kape def. Dvorak by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
135 lbs.: Sergey Morozov vs. Journey Newson — Morozov def. Newson by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)


185 lbs.: Jared Cannonier vs. Sean Strickland

Round one: Sizing each other up. Cannonier tries a body kick, falls short with a combo, lands a couple low kicks. One minute in. Cannonier slowly advancing. BOdy jab. Strickland tosses out some kicks and starts pumping the jab two minutes in. Cannonier misses with a 1-2. Tight left hook. Body kick. Looking for right hands. Light front kick by Strickland, who catches a kick and bowls Cannonier over. Cannonier makes it to his feet, has to fight a rear waist lock with two minutes to go.

Short shots from Strickland against the fence. They separate. Hard leg kick by Cannonier, 2-3 just misses. Strickland sending out jabs with a minute to go. Low kick met by a Strickland 1-2. Another 1-2. 10-9 Cannonier?

Round two: Straight right from Cannonier to start. Strickland catches a kick, can’t use it. Double jab. One minute in. Cannonier tries a straight right. Strickland circling out of danger. Solid jab. Cannonier to the body. Low kicks, right hook just misses two minutes in. Another leg kick. Strickland avoids a right hook. Cannonier 3-2 falls short. Two minutes to go.

Strickland really not sitting down on anything; he’s content to avoid Cannonier’s power and not much else. Cannonier leg kick. More kicks fall short. One minute to go. Strickland tries a rare blitz. Cannonier falls short yet again. 1-2 from Cannonier at the bell. 10-9 Cannonier.

Round three: Cannonier lands a right downstairs as Strickland continues to pump the jab. Quick straight right by Strickland. More Strickland jabs a minute in. Cannonier body kick. 1-2 falls short. Just an absolute garbage fight so far. Trading jabs. Two minutes in. Cannonier just keeps falling short because he’s loading up on everything. He seems like he’s totally abandoned the leg kicks. There’s a 1-2 met by a slapping hook. Good 1-2 by Cannonier. Right hook. Left hook with two minutes to go.

Strickland puts together a four-piece and backs away from a two-piece. He checks a kick and backs away from a two-piece. Long volley. One minute to go. Right to the body by Cannonier. More sparring until the bell. 10-9 Strickland.

Round four: 1-2 from Strickland. Cannonier, as he has a million times before, loads up on everything and falls way short. Body kick and left hook land for Strickland, who continues to play matador. One minute in. Strickland potshotting to his heart’s content. Two minutes in. Trading jabs. Good low kick by Cannonier. Straight left a bit later. Body kick blocked. Two minutes to go.

Strickland tries some head kicks. Counter right. Cannonier body jab, Strickland left hook. More good strikes off the back foot. Right hook by Cannonier with a minute to go. He tries to rush and Strickland ties up. There’s a good sequence by Cannonier, who gets sloppy and lets Strickland escape. 10-9 Strickland.

Round five: If Cannonier knows he’s behind, he doesn’t seem to care. Back to the usual. There’s a solid right from Strickland that knocks Cannonier back. One minute in. Lead right to body jab from Cannonier. Nice 1-2. Two minutes in. Trading jabs. Long 1-2 from Cannonier, Strickland looks to answer with a combo. Cannonier body jab and straight left. Strickland 1-1-2 with two mintues to go.

Long right from Cannonier met with a jab. Strickland 1-2. Some big swings from Cannonier that don’t connect. One minute to go. Strickland 2-1. 1-1-2. Cannonier lands a counter hook and eats one soon after. Strickland counter right. Overhand right by Cannonier. Strickland attacks the body. 10-9 Strickland.

Final result: Cannonier def. Strickland by split decision

155 lbs.: Damir Ismagulov vs. Arman Tsarukyan

Round one: Both open with kicks. Tsarukyan tries a 1-1-2, lands a body kick. He times an Ismagulov low kick and takes him down a minute in. Ismagulov works his way up, but Tsarukyan maintains a rear body lock and tries a couple times to slam him down. Nice transition to a double-leg, but better defense by Ismagulov. Tsarukyan keeping him against the fence. Knee attempt. Two minutes to go.

Ismagulov answers with a trip to mount. Tsarukyan quickly works his way up and puts him back on the fence. Trip attempt, no dice. One minute to go. They separate. 1-2 from Ismagulov. Stiff jab leads into an exchange. Ismagulov body shot, Tsarukyan counter hook. Tsarukyan tries a spinning back fist. 10-9 Tsarukyan.

Round two: Nice kicks from Tsarukyan in combination. Head kick just misses. Left hook to low kick. Body jab from Ismagulov, looks for a check hook, gets spun to the mat a minute in. Tsarukyan holding the rear body lock as Ismaguloy tries to straighten up. Slick attempt at a back take, then another. Ismagulov looks to answer with a takedown attempt. Tsarukyan lifts him takes him down, and spins into full back control two minutes in. Continuing to maintain position. Two minutes to go.

Ismagulov frees himself, stands, and comes out throwing heat. Strong takedown attempt by Tsarukyan and he completes it against the fence. Ismagulov returns to his feetand lands an elbow as they separate with a minute to go. Left hook from Tsarukyan. Big looping elbow attempt from Ismagulov, who gets taken to the fence. Another elbow attempt. Trading knees to the body. Tsarukyan elbow, Ismagulov knee. 10-9 Tsarukyan.

Round three: Ismagulov stops the first takedown attempt. Aborted spin. High knee falls short. Low kick from Tsarukyan hits the cup. They resume a minute into the round. Tsarukyan ducks a left hook and elevates a leg for an inside trip finish. Right to the back. Ismagulov works his way free, gets pressed against the fence and hauled across the cage two minutes in. Ismagulov breaks free with just over two minutes to go.

Knee to the body and a jab behind it for Ismagulov. Tsarukyan to the body. Body kick. Ismagulov tries a flying knee. Tsarukyan hits another inside trip single leg and looks for the back. One hook in, looking for the choke. One minute to go. Both hooks. Ismagulov defending well. He gets the hooks out, but Tsarukyan puts them right back in. 10-9 Tsarukyan.

Final result: Tsarukyan def. Ismagulov by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Amir Albazi vs. Alessandro Costa

Round one: Very tentative start from both. Low kick from Costa, blocks a 1-3 in return a minute in. Albazi low kick. Jab splits the guard. To the body next. Costa tries a 3-2 two minutes in. Low kick. Costa claims a finger in the eye, but the ref doesn’t intervene, so Albazi shoots. Costa defends and separates. Two minutes to go.

Costa low kick. Again. They trade, neither lands. Body shot from Costa. Albazi shoots, denied. Costa 3-2 falls short. One minute to go. Counter two-piece after an Albazi body shot. Trading jabs. Costa tries a flying knee. 10-9 Costa in a nothing round.

Round two: Solid left hook from Costa. Low kick. Albazi fakes a shot, then drops him hard with a 2-1. Costa manages to get his wits back and close his guard. One minute in. Albazi staying tight, landing periodic short punches. Two minutes in. Now Albazi postures up, then sinks right back down. Two minutes to go.

Costa tries an elbow off his back. Albazi postures up for some hard right hands. One minute to go. Nice body shot. Costa tries to turn for a leg without success. 10-9 Albazi.

Round three: Costa comes out swinging. Both jab the body. Albazi fires a snap kick downstairs. Low kick. Lovely reactive shot puts Albazi on top in guard. Costa kicks him off and returns to his feet. Hard swings fall short. Two minutes in. Albazi tries a 1-2, eats a body shot, then levels Costa with a beautiful uppercut. A few more shots and that’s all she wrote.

Final result: Albazi def. Costa by KO (punches)

145 lbs.: Alex Caceres vs. Julian Erosa

Round one: Caceres tossing out kicks to start. Simultaneous kicks. Both attacking the legs. Caceres to the body a minute in. Spinning back kick attempt. He’s using range well so far. Erosa whiffs on a left hook. Two minutes in. 1-2 by Caceres. Nice uppercut in combination. Low kick by Erosa. Combination attempt. Body kick. Caceres flashes a left hand, then in the same motion, follows up with a clean left high kick that sends “Juicy J” slumping to the mat. Caceres swarms on him and Erosa goes in and out of consciousness a few times before the ref steps in.

Final result: Caceres def. Erosa by KO (head kick and punches)

155 lbs.: Drew Dober vs. Bobby Green

Round one: Solid left hands from Green, who counters a takedown into top position. Dober scrambles up before long. Back to trading a minute in. Another good straight left by Green and a jab behind it. A jab buckles DOber’s legs but he continues to advance.Green picking him off something fierce. Two minutes in. There’s a solid left from Dober. Body shot. Low kick and straight left from Dober. Good trade on the fence, Green lands a right hook. Two minutes to go.

Green catches a kick, can’t use it. Nasty 2-3 by Green met by some hard straight lefts. Stiff jabs. He grabs a body lock, gets reversed with a minute to go. Green’s excelling at staying just out of range of Dober and plugging him with straight shots. Body jab. Dober body shot. Green lands a body kick and avoids a wheel kick. Fun fight so far. 10-9 Green

Round two: Low kick from Dober, who eats a heavy combo for his trouble and tries to come back with his own. Nice straight left and body shot by Dober. Rear leg low kick. One minute in. Spinning back kick to answer a snap kick. Sharb jab from Green. Body kick, counter right hook and straight left. Dober puts him on the fence. They separate. Dober low kick two minutes in. Green answers with a body kick. More potshots by Green in the center. Right hand and body kick by Green, then another series of counters as Dober marches forward. They aren’t enough to slow Dober down, though, as he walks through the fire to detonate an overhand left that puts Green to sleep.

Final result: Dober def. Green by KO (punch)

185 lbs.: Michal Oleksiejczuk vs. Cody Brundage

Round one: Early shot from Brundage puts him on top in half guard. Oleksiejczuk trying to use the fence. One standing hook for Brundage. Blatant fence grab by Oleksiejczuk but he still gets pulled down a minute in. Brundage too low for proper back mount. Oleksiejczuk stands, can’t separate, pulled back down. Oleksieczjuk manages to turn into top guard two minutes in. Solid lefts by Oleksiejczuk. Big elbow. Two minutes to go.

Heavy shots by Oleksieczjuk, then a huge diving left that has Brundage on the brink of unconsciousness. A few more shots and it’s over.

Final result: Oleksieczjuk def. Brundage by TKO (punches)

115 lbs.: Cory McKenna vs Cheyanne Vlismas

Round one: Vlismas circling and potshotting. Quick exchange. One minute in. Low kick from Vlismas. She’s doing the better moving so far. Good left hand as both land in an exchange. Big right dart by Vlismas. Check hook. Low kick. Two minutes in. Check hook once again from Vlismas. McKenna continuing to push forward but getting inside seems to be an issue for her. Stiff jab by Vlismas. McKenna changes levels and is immediately rebuffed. Two minutes to go.

More nice jabs from Vlismas met by a left hook. Two-peice falls short for McKenna, who eats another jab. Nasty overhand right by Vlismas. One minute to go. McKenna catches a kick for a takedown into guard. Short ground-and-pound. Vlismas fires elbows off her back. 10-9 Vlismas.

Round two: Heavy 1-2 and low kick from Vlismas. Elbow in the clinch as McKenna takes her to the fence. One minute in. Knees to the body from McKenna. She appears to lovk her hands, still can’t get it. Thai knees by Vlismas. Elbow two minutes in. Short knees by McKenna. Vlismas reverses, separates, gets tied up again. Two minutes to go.

Knees by McKenna. Vlismas gets a bit of space and again McKenna ties back up. One minute to go. More short shots by McKenna. Knee to the body from Vlismas. Takedown at the bell. 10-9 McKenna.

Round three: McKenna catches a kick and avoids a choke attempt to land in side control. Back to full guard a minute in. Vlismas considers an armbar. Short shots by McKenna. Two minutes in. Vlismas trying to play a high guard and not getting anywhere. Now a kneebar attempt with two minutes to go.

McKenna landing left hands as she defends. Vlismas in something resembling an omoplata but there’s nothing there. More left hands by McKenna. She continues to chip away until the bell. 10-9 McKenna.

Final result: McKenna def. Vlismas by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Jake Matthews vs. Matt Semelsberger

Round one: Low kick by Semelsberger answered in kind. Another hard low kick by Matthews. Semelsberger tires to counter the next one. Matthews double jab a minute in. Teep. Neither committing to much so far. As I say that, Semelsberger melts Matthews with a monster right hand. Matthews somehow wakes up on impact and survives the follow-up attack. Matthews looking to box two minutes in. 2-1 by Semelsberger, clinch uppercut and single-leg.On top in guard. Landing punches with two minutes to go.

Big elbow by Semelsberger, He postures up for some bigger shots before going back down into guard. One minute to go. Matthews holds an overhook for a while. Solid left hand by Semelsberger. 10-9 Semelsberger; took his foot off the gas too much for the 10-8.

Round two: Both look for some heavy punches early. Semelsberger hits a single-leg, avoids a guillotine. Both land hard in the clinch a minute in. Matthews 1-2. Check hook knocks Semelsberger off-balance for a second. Left hook a minute in. Semelsberger to the body. Stiff jab comes back at him. Nice exchange and a hard left hook knocks Semelsberger back. Straight right behind it. Two minutes to go.

Both whiff on right hands. Matthews avoids a combo and slams home two good right hands with his back against the fence. 1-1-2. Now Semelsberger’s backing up. Flying knee falls well short for him. They trade in center cage with a minute to go. Matthews catches him coming in with a check hook, but a cross counter sends him to the mat again. Hard follow-up shots by Semelsberger. Matthews lands a pair of good counters. 10-9 Semelsberger.

Round three: Another big right hand drops Matthews again in the opening seconds. Matthews tries to shoot, then latches onto a guillotine. Back to the feet. One minute in. Matthews tries a trip, then hits him with a good right hand on the exit. Two minutes in. Low kick by Semelsberger. Good lead right by Matthews, who avoids a flying knee. Semelsberger tries a half-hearted shot and eats a 1-1-2. Trading heat near the fence. Semelsberger shoots with two minutes to go.

Semelsberger keeping him on the fence. Matthews exits with a combo. One minute to go. Nice foot sweep put Matthews on top in guard. 10-9 Matthews.

Final result:

135 lbs.: Saidyokub Kakhramonov vs. Said Nurmagomedov

Round one: Right to fighting for position in the clinch. Kakhramonov avoids a ninja choke, eats a left hand, and has to fight off another guillotine. Nurmagomedov jumps guard on it a minute in. Kakhramonov. Nurmagomedov tries it again and again Kakhramonov is ready for it. Two minutes in. Nurmagomedov looking to get to the cage, manages to stand. Two minutes to go.

Kakhramonov holding onto the waist lock, switches to a high crotch, can’t finish. They separate. Spinning back kick from Nurmagomedov. Kakhramonov swings some haymakers against the fence and sprawls on a shot. Now it’s Kakhramonov chasing a guillotine, can’t get it with a minute to go. Nurmagomedov makes it to his feet, eats a knee, fights off a trip. Kakhramonov gets him back down and drops some shots before Nurmagomedov stands again. 10-9 Kakhramonov.

Round two: Kakhramonov goes right back on the wrestling attack. Nice reverse elbows by Nurmagomedov but Kakhramonov looks for the back. Nurmagomedov tries to scramble, can’t get away. Awkward move and Nurmagomedov gets dumped on his face before eating some shots, If he was out, he wakes up in a hurry. One minute in. Smothering pressure by Kakhramonov. Maintaining top turtle. Two minutes in. Short left hands. Nurmagomedov tries a granby roll, no dice. The next granby roll likewise fails to improve things. Kakhramonov nearly gets the back with two minutes to go.

Nurmagomedov finally manages to slip out the back door and Kakhramonov immediately shoots again. Nurmagomedov going for the power guillotine, and despite some dogged defense, this one forces the tap. Fun fight.

Final result: Nurmagomedov def. Kakhramonov by submission (guillotine choke)

155 lbs.: Rafa Garcia vs. Hayisaer Maheshate

Round one: Maheshate fires a knee and Garcia tries to turn it into a takedown. Denied. Tossing out kicks. One minute in. Better entry for Garcia on the next shot, Knee from Maheshate on the exit and he looks to pursue with more. Solid left hook by Garcia in return. Body jab, avoids a knee two minutes in. Maheshate front kicks. Another flying knee attempt. Body jab from Garcia. 2-3 on the counter. Another body jab. Liver shot with two minutes to go.

Maheshate comes back with a body kick. Another body shot by Garcia and a straight right behind it. Pressure’s working well for him. Another right downstairs. One minute to go. Garcia absorbs a right hand and comes back with his own. Low kick. Maheshate tries another flying knee. Garcia lead right. 2-3. 10-9 Garcia.

Round two: Solid counter right by Maheshate. Counter hook by Garcia soon after. Another flying knee by Maheshate appears to connect and he fights off a level change. More body work from Garcia. One minute in. Maheshate fires level elbows and a front kick, cutting Garcia open. That’s an alarming amount of blood. Garcia shoots once again and this one he finishes. Right hands on teh way up. Foot stomps. They separate. Maheshate looks to pursue and Garcia drags him to the mat again two minutes in. Garcia still bleeding like a stuck pig but keeping top position. Maheshate turns to his knees. Garcia looks for punches on the break. Two minutes to go.

Maheshate fires elbows. Another nice takedown by Garcia, looking for the back. One hook in and dropping punches. Continuing to throw as Maheshate gets to his feet. Shoulder strikes. Nasty elbow on the break. Left hook connects. 10-9 Garcia.

Round three: Garcia continuing to push forward. Good calf kick. Right cross lands for Maheshate. Maheshate lands a solid knee but gets taken down for it into half guard. One minute in. Garcia gets to the front headlock. Maheshate makes it to his feet, tries to hit the switch, ends up on his back again. Again he tries to work his way up two minutes in. Solid knees by Garcia. Two minutes to go.

They separate. Jab from Garcia, who looks for a single-leg and lands a left hook on the exit. Maheshate falls short with an elbow, eats a left hook. Flying knee attempt. Garcia shoots and puts him on the fence with a minute to go. He locks his hands and carries Maheshate to the center before slamming him into half guard. He ends the round dropping heavy punches. 10-9 Garcia.

Final result: Garcia def. Maheshate by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Rinat Fakhretdinov vs. Bryan Battle

Round one: Solid overhand right from Fakhretdinov, then a high-amplitude takedown into guard. Battle considers a guillotine, no dice a minute in. Some left hands by Fakhretdinov. Half guard, then briefly pins Battle’s arm to land more left hands. He postures up for some hard shots two minutes in. Battle looks for an arm, denied. Triangle doesn’t get anywhere either. Monster right hand by Fakhretdinov seems to put Battle out for a second, but he wake back up. Two minutes to go.

Battle slowly works his way to the feet, gets tripped back down into half guard. Back to full. Hard elbows by Fakhretdinov. One minute to go. Nasty cut on Battle. He looks for a late triangle. 10-9 Fakhretdinov, borderline 10-8.

Round two: They trade for a few seconds before Fakhretdinov takes him down again. Battle looking for a kimura grip. One minute in. Periodic shots from Fakhretdinov. Battle tries to explode with the kimura grip, settles for regaining guard two minutes in. Working his way up against the fence. Two minutes to go.

Battle nearly gets a ninja choke, but loses it as Fakhretdinov takes him back down into guard. One minute to go. Short punches by Fakhretdinov, who postures out of a triangle attempt. Again. 10-9 Fakhretdinov.

Round three: Fakhretdinov counters a low kick with an overhand right that sends Battle to the mat. He follows him down into guard. Short ground-and-pound a minute in. Back up, back down two minutes in. Battle unsuccessfully considers a guillotine. Battle uses the fence to stand, gets dumped down via double-leg. Two minutes to go.

Top pressure from Fakhretdinov. Some punches with a minute to go. Battle gets to his feet, eats punches, and gets slammed back down. Fakhretdinov drops a few final shots. 10-9 Fakhretdinov.

Final result: Fakhretdinov def. Battle by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: David Dvorak vs. Manel Kape

Round one: Dvorak staying mobile early on as Kape slowly pursues. Some posturing from Kape a minute in. Low kick from Dvorak, who continues to circle out of Kape’s range. Two minutes in. Another low kick from Dvorak, then back to circling. Kape tries to jump in. Counter right by Dvorak, then a slick takedown into side control. Kape regains guard with two minutes to go.

Nice right hand from Dvorak, who snuffs out a triangle attempt. One minute to go. Kape manages to latch onto a kimura and it’s deep. He sweeps into top position and puts on the crank, but somehow Dvorak survives to the bell. 10-9 Kape.

Round two: Dvorak back to the moving and sharpshooting. Two-piece from Kape a minute in. Sneaky straight right lands for Dvorak, who avoids a combo. Kape considers a flying knee, then lands a pair of hooks off a brief tie-up. Two minutes in. Another sneaky lead right by Dvorak. Kape answers a low kick with a flurry. Intercepting knee by Kape and he clips Dvorak at point blank. Kape on the attack and a clubbing right sends Dvorak to the mat. Kape dropping shots with two minutes to go.

Dvorak seems to get his wits back and Kape stands over him, trying to get past his legs. Funky upkick attempt by Dvorak before Kape waves him back to the feet. Big body shots by Kape. Hard right hands with a minute to go. Kape drops him again with a right hand that catches Dvorak throwing. Again Dvorak pops up and again Kape tears up his body. Kape looks to follow with a spinning elbow and Dvorak nearly wraps up a standing RNC, but settles for semi-back control. 10-9 Kape.

Round three: Dvorak more flat-footed to start the round, trying to go on offense. One minute in. Dvorak tries a wheel kick and Kape taunts him for it. Low kicks from Kape. Three in a row, then a fourth that Dvorak answers with a straight right. Dvorak pursues and gets cracked as they trade left hooks two minutes in. Kape takes a finger in the eye. Now he’s the one circling and jabbing. Hard 2-3 to answer Dvorak’s combo. More taunting from Kape. Dvorak shoots with two minutes to go, rebuffed

Body shots from Kape as he forces Dvorak back. Spinning back kick attempt, knee to the body. There’s a hard right from Dvorak, one of his best of the fight. Stalking with a minute to go. Straight lefts from Kape off the back foot. Both shoot at the same time and Dvorak puts him on the fence. Good knee by Kape on the exit. Dvorak combo and leg kick met by a counter hook. Kape dances to the bell. 10-9 Kape.

Final result: Kape def. Dvorak by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Sergey Morozov vs. Journey Newson

Round one: Newson circling, tossing out kicks as Morozov steadily advances. Side kick and wheel kick attempt. Double jab and low kick a minute in. Straight right, jab, jumping front kick attempt. 1-2. Morozov yet to let his hands go. Solid body kick from Newson, who slips trying to chase. Counter right two minutes in. Morozov still just pursuing. There’s a nice double-leg against the fence. Newson gets to a knee and looks to stand. Nice foot sweep from Morozov with two minutes to go.

Morozov holding onto the body lock and landing knees to the thigh. Good reversal by Newson and they separate with a minute to go. Newson tries a head kick, absorbs a jumping front kick to the body. Morozov tries to land a spinning elbow as a counter. 10-9 Newson.

Round two: Back to the kicks goes Newson. Double leg kick. Counter right to answer a body kick. One minute in. Body kicks from Morozov. Overhand right whiffs big. One from Newson does the same. Two minutes in. Neither man landing clean at the moment. Low kick from Newson. Morozov lands a check hook but he’s just not doing enough. There’s another successful double-leg. Two minutes to go.

Nice knee on the way up from Morozov, then to the body. Keeping the rear body lick, hits that foot sweep again. Newson working hard to try and stand. One minute to go. Morozov continues messing with Newson’s base any time he tries to separate. 10-9 Morozov.

Round three: Newson low kick, Morozov counter hook. Good left hand and overhand right by Newson, then a body kick behind it. He’s looking a bit more aggressive in the early going. Strong double-leg by Morozov a minute in and he slams Newson down into north-south. He spins to the back and quickly puts in both hooks. Two minutes in. Newson uses a baseball grip to escape, only for Morozov to shoot right back in and put him on the fence. Knees to the thigh. Looks for a hook, can’t get it. Two minutes to go.

Newson tries an uchi mata, no dice. Morozov keeping him against the fence. Knee to the body. One minute to go. They separate. Both send out some heavy strikes without success. Slick level change by Morozov puts him on the fence once again. One more suplex, then Newson tries a last-ditch rolling kneebar. 10-9 Morozov.

Final result:

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