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Video: Watch Jake Paul flatten YouTuber FaZe Dee with brutal body shot

Jake Paul v Anderson Silva Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Social media stars turning to combat sports is a recent trend, but it’s one that picked up steam quickly. Of all those would-be fighters who crossed over into the cage or ring, Jake Paul clearly stands out as the most accomplished and best of the lot. He didn’t take long to move on from boxing fellow YouTubers, instead moving on to retired or semi-retired MMA fighters.

His professional boxing record currently stands at 6-0.

FaZe Dee — real name Donald De La Haye Jr. — is a collegiate football star turned YouTuber, and he visited Paul’s gym to figure out where he stands. As it turns out, stand didn’t prove to be an accurate description, as Paul pretty quickly sent him to the canvas with a well-placed right hand to the bread basket.

Check out the clip below, which includes the stoppage at about the 1:50 mark.

“His hands are so heavy, and it doesn’t even look like he’s trying,” said Dee (via MMAFighting). “They told me to go at my pace, and he going to match my pace. That boy tagged me in the face, tagged me in the sternum, couldn’t breathe – I was like, ‘I’m done.’ A minute 38 is all it took.”

Paul did credit Dee for his willingness to actually throw down.

Currently, Paul’s next fight is unbooked. He’s publicly discussed fights with Tommy Fury and Nate Diaz, the latter of which could be the most marquee fight of his young boxing career. It remains to be seen which direction “The Problem Child” heads next, but expect a spectacle one way or another.

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