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Conor McGregor gloats after Lobov’s Proper 12 whiskey lawsuit gets denied by Commercial Court

The Irishman’s lawyers walked away with a small win earlier this week after it was ruled that Lobov’s lawsuit over a $600 million whiskey sale would have to proceed outside of High Court.

The Conor McGregor vs. Artem Lobov Proper 12 whiskey lawsuit is a multimillion-dollar battle that will take place across many rounds. On Thursday, McGregor won round one, blocking the case from being fast-tracked in Ireland’s Commercial Court.

The Commercial Court is a division of the High Court that deals solely with significant commercial cases. It handles disputes where the value of the claim is more than one million Euro, and its cases tend to be resolved much faster than cases adjudicated through the standard High Court. Justice Denis McDonald determined that between the court’s “scarce resources” and the “lapse of time” between the whiskey deal and the lawsuit, the case would not be picked up by the Commercial Court.

McGregor gloated on social media in a since-deleted Tweet.

“Artem you little jonny head, unlicky the other day in court, proper twelve day, but what did you expect?” he wrote. “I want them court fees the judge awarded me also. Need them pal. F—ing idiot.”

“Mr Lobov notes the judge’s ruling and thanks him for his consideration of the application,” Artem’s lawyer said after the hearing. “He is now looking forward to his case progressing in the High Court chancery list instead and hopes the proceedings can be determined as soon as possible.”

Documents filed by both sides for the hearing included some new deals about the case, which has Lobov demanding a 5 percent cut of a $600 million sale of the Proper 12 whiskey brand. According to Lobov, he was the idea man and key figure behind setting up the whiskey business. And now he says he has three witnesses who were there to see McGregor shake his hand and tell him, “Remember, 5 percent is yours, no matter what.”

McGregor’s lawyers countered with messages sent from Lobov where he repeatedly said he didn’t want any money from the deal.

“Let me start by saying that I swear on my child’s life I will NOT take a cent out of the whiskey deal!!!” one message read. “That is something I enjoyed doing and the thought of knowing that I helped you with something keeps me warm on the coldest of nights.”

Conor McGregor - Twitter

“Swearing on your child’s life is ludicrous, pal,” McGregor wrote in another since-deleted message. “Actually revolting. ‘Keeps me warm on the coldest of nights,’ haha f—sake lad wtf happened to you man? Piss off and leave me alone how about that lad? F—ing turncoat p—.”

McGregor once again threatened that Lobov would be stuck paying for all court fees related to the case in the end.

“I’m not paying these lawyers nothing,” he wrote. “Little rartem is. The business genius with his college degree. F—ing jackass ... It’s deeper than the dough for me. Put it on me box.”

Well, suffice to say after 15 years of close friendship, Lobov and McGregor are no longer pals. We’ll keep you updated as this multimillion-dollar case winds its way through the Irish High Court.

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