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Video: KSI left high and dry after Dillon Danis no-shows boxing press conference — ‘He’s terrified’

The presser (eventually) gets underway at 31:07.

KSI and Dillon Danis were scheduled to have their kickoff press conference on Thursday to help promote their upcoming boxing match, scheduled for the Misfits Boxing Series 004 headliner on DAZN from inside OVO Arena Wembley in London, England, on Jan. 14, 2023.

Danis blew off the press conference and left KSI flying solo.

“In terms of Dillon Danis not being here at the moment I think it’s quite disappointing, disrespectful to me and everyone who’s here expecting him to show up,” KSI said. “But it’s not something I haven’t seen before, same thing happened with Alex Wassabi.”

Maybe the travel cops who detained Tommy Fury also went after Danis.

“We were meant to fight and he obviously flaked, I don’t know, maybe it’s my presence, maybe it’s just me in general, I’m such a scary guy,” KSI continued. “I can understand that I’m very disciplined, very focused and if you look at my resume I don’t lose too many times. So, I think for Dillon that’s probably seeping in.”

Or perhaps Danis is still recovering from this whooping in Texas.

“I know he’s undefeated himself, but I think looking at me in the eyes even when we saw each other in Texas I could tell it was all a facade,” KSI said. “He had to pretend that he’s bigger and stronger than he actually is and it kind of shows, him not being here, shows how little he really is, how small his mindset really is. He says I’m not a real fighter but I’m always here, always ready and he is a ‘real fighter’ but he has not made the plane trip to see me. He’s not made even the zoom call to see me, he’s terrified, petrified of me.”

Danis had this to say about today’s absence:


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